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  1. Only 4 spots left! Just for fun and bragging rights the draft will be hosted later tonight as long as the league gets filled. http://games.espn.com/flb/tools/join?leagueId=99155&k=f78ae&d=AAAABAABg1MAAAfi%2F%2F%2F%2F%2FwAAJcs%3D&t=9
  2. 12 Team just for fun league. 12 team league with a roster of 40. 19 week regular season & 3 for postseason. Good luck to everyone!! Will draft when it is full!! http://games.espn.com/flb/tools/join?leagueId=99155&k=7701d&d=AAAABAABg1MAAAfi%2F%2F%2F%2F%2FwAAEzc%3D&t=9