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  1. Gotta look ahead to week 16, what DST do you like? Denver (vs Lions), Chiefs (@Chicago) or Colts (vs Carolina)
  2. So PIT not an ideal match up but what do we think the floor is here, 60 total yards and 5 catches?
  3. Have a bye but need to make decision now Week 15 Our league is basic but only -1 per INT , FL Aaron Rodgers @ Chicago Kirk Cousins @ LA Chargers ***Or pick up Ryan Tannehill vs Houston
  4. Seasonal PPR league In must win mode and with Hopkins on bye I need help this week Give Hopkins and DeVante Parker Get Lockett and Beckham
  5. PPR redraft Who ya like ROS Edelman or Adams
  6. Carson and Chubb, not even close to me mate
  7. Yup, Freeman
  8. I am in the same boat and here are some guys I would take from an unsuspected owner for Aaron Jones now Mack Henry Jacobs Carson Lindsay WR I would take Moore Edelman Woods
  9. Redraft PPR league I have Witten now, Hunter on my bench Take Vernon Davis for Henry?
  10. This guy worth holding onto in a redraft?
  11. Nuke should not be there I go Adams and JuJu
  12. Thanks did a 16 teamer and paid so just waiting for my email packet with the freebies
  13. I think a decline is on the horizon Thanks God I pick 6th and 12th in my leagues and do not have to deal with it
  14. I would grab a stud TE in round 3 Back to back QB's in rounds 11-12
  15. So does this work for 16 man leagues also? Also can you post the link again, I cannot get it to open, might be my garbage explorer though
  16. So right now I have a 3.51 ERA, 1st place followed by second place at 3.52 and third place at 3.60 Whip I am also first at 1.13 and second place is 1.15 and third is 1.20 I need k's and wins!!! Do I dare start these guys this week? Would you Grey? Zac Plesac v.s. Boston and the NYY Zac Gallen @ Colorado and vs San Francisco leave a link thanks!
  17. So is the Trivino experiment over, Treinen looks back to full
  18. Maddening owning this guy, I think I will just have to let him go rather than just eating at my bench
  19. I could trade Kershaw straight up for Pete Alonso but I might be able to get more, not sure In order of "current rank" on the wire Pence LaStella Dietrich Pederson Moreland Renfrow Pillar J Bruce J Profar Goodrum Margot Nimmo C Dickerson Thought prospect Lowe would help me, not so much..... Maybe there is another prospect I can sit on who would help?
  20. So Cishek is just part of like a 4 man committee?
  21. Thank you! Sorry, it is a 5x5 12 man redraft 7 reserve and 2 DL so the waiver wire is a bit dead. I was thinking of trading a SP for a 1B and go from there