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  1. Oh no way I do that. Arod has always been amazing vs crap teams, 300 hundo and 3 this week easy.
  2. 35 fantasy points for me in the last three weeks combined!! I mean chargers, Panther and Niners not cake walks but still, starting to ponder what to do with this guy and what to do in my playoffs vs Chicago and Minny in weeks 15/16
  3. I would lose Gus and start ATL today, really high on them!
  4. Cooks is the drop dude! If you are afraid of that lose Mattison
  5. So afraid of McLaurin but Detroit, Slay shadow......? PPR Benny Snell vs Bengals Corey Davis --or-- AJ Brown vs Jaguars Terry McLaurin vs Lions Also available for my flex Dwelley, Goedert, Witten, Oj Howard
  6. PPR need one Burkhead @ PHI Gore @ MIA Mostert vs ARZ Chris Tompson vs NYJ Chase Edmonds vs SF
  7. I am in the same boat LOL I am looking at getting a so so WR and an RB like Sony or Lindsay, that 2nd tier type guy
  8. [...] What is your fearless outlook for the SF game. Am I wrong to think AJ may have a bunch of catches here?
  9. Fire him up? With Hilton our and the match up, 5 catches could be the floor
  10. Own Jason Myers-K want to keep him but worry about the SF match up this week. What do you think over/under on a couple FG's? Only other options are not great Ficken vs Giants Rosas vs Jets The SF fill in vs SEA
  11. Own Hunter Henry but looking for depth and bye week repalcement PPR