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  1. Godley with the clutch DP. Guy can get groundballs, that's for sure.
  2. He got squeezed against Joc and again first pitch to Verdugo
  3. Just said it but I'm guessing we get him for 1 extra start right now, 2 at most. More time for him to be up in case another injury/freak blister accident happens, I guess
  4. Yeah I don't have the volume on so can't tell what. Hamstring? Didn't look super serious
  5. I benched him, and am not relying on him to carry my team, but see the whiffs and velocity as very encouraging. Lots of whiffs. Laborious start, still problems to work through. But he's not injured and has the K upside people want out of him. So that's a positive to me. If he's your SP1 I guess I'd be less stoked. But even then those are positive outcomes.
  6. Semantics, he only pitched 89 innings last year
  7. Yeah he was touted as a safe reliable floor pick, too :/
  8. will be interesting to see if they sit him against the reds because they are the reds
  9. even his walk was on a beautiful pitch
  10. They fired someone for exactly that last time so apparently naw. His pitch count so high too, idk why they would leave him in well I'll be. Benched a QS and a lot of K's. Can't fault myself for it given my matchup context this week though lol @ people dropping him, though
  11. well, would have spiked my blood pressure but would have gladly taken Castillo's line instead of having it on my bench. Overall encouraging
  12. Severino pumpin those fastballs with confidence
  13. Seeing Castillo pump his fists after that K, he definitely strikes me as someone who needs to build confidence and isn't sure of his stuff. The sleeper and the bust guys talked about him getting rattled after having a really good changeup hit a few days ago. Is kind of a non-statement but think a lot of this is in his head and his mental game
  14. Castillo with a 2 out infield single to the pitcher moving the runner to 3rd. While I would have taken the production thus far (1-0), nice to not have to stress watching Castillo labor 73 pitches in 4 IP so far
  15. GD Nola needed that double play, pitchcount is already high for 2 innings. Laborious so far
  16. Every time I check on Nola the leadoff guy is on base with no outs :/
  17. You are right, I checked the depth chart and Hill was not listed on the 1-5 b/c injury so I forgot about him there Buehler pls
  18. I know Dodgers gonna Dodger but I can't see them letting Stripling be #5 with a 12-17 record right now. Idk whats going to go down but rotoworld blurb says Stripling (4ip4er last start) is transitioning back to long relief leaving a spot open. Who is the guy if Buehler keeps getting yanked around? We got one start for now, I would feel good about his chances with another good showing. Everyone in the rotation has durability concerns.
  19. I thought the word was he's in line to get one against the Pads. Man this guy would be a huge comeup if something happens with Dodgers rotation
  20. Good lowdown, thanks. He looked like straight damaged goods prior. Will monitor