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  1. It's information for people at least interested in usage, no need to be testy
  2. Hader in 6-5 in the 7th for the brewers, K's Votto right away Schebler K's. Hader is ridiculous
  3. 13 hits 5 walks in 14 ip, don't really want to lotto ticket that right now
  4. A lot different when you say it like that as opposed to, 3 on opening day, 2 today and then one somewhere in between
  5. fun facts Twins are 4 games under .500 Rodney has blown 4 games (nvm he got a W for one of his blown saves)
  6. Yeah i jumped ship from Norris to Reed. Don’t even feel very good about my decision, lol. Just the directions things seem to be trending in, but they could both end up being wrong. Personally don’t think Stl cares that much where they use Holland, but what do I know
  7. Unfortunately, yeah, think so but thats my gut
  8. how many more saves does this guy have to blow for f's sake
  9. Sounds like he has nothing left to prove in the minors
  10. Happ and Kiermeir come to mind so far this season as swing/approach changes that didn't produce results in small sample sizes
  11. 1st walk of the day for Reynaldo, I really like the guy but would have benched if I didn't need 23 K's to catch up against
  12. man, that homerun that Didi just hit in Yankee Stadium would have barely hit the RF wall at AT&T, lol
  13. Yeah they are really hitting a stride, pieces like Luchessi/Ross/Pirela/Villanueva looking like they could be solid contributors. Gotta give them props, I'm a giants fan and our FO/scouting/development is a travesty in comparison. SD is such a more exciting, talented team
  14. Yeah looks like he got some luck, 9 hits, 2 solo shots lol, but no walks is something I guess. I'll take it
  15. Did anyone actually see how Gausman looked today?
  16. intriguing to say the least
  17. The reds will need to go at least 4-6 to avoid the worst 25 game start in the history of the franchise. Senzel hasn't gotten off to a great AAA start, he did hit his first homerun yesterday but is striking out a lot. He has the polish. I just feel like we are going to see him soon as a much needed morale boost for the sad state of this franchise right now. FO and mgmt is going to be wiped clean.
  18. Idk man, if I had Holland I won't just suddenly feel better if he blows it next time out because of his paycheck. If Norris settles in the Cardinals aren't going to have major objections to possibly using Holland in flexible high leverage situations like Miller, Hader and Bradley. Norris got 20 saves last season, he struck out the side last night and recovered under pressure with 2 K's tonight. It's possible he stays there, Norris is worth holding for that even if he ends up being a placeholder.
  19. Regardless of how he is end of season, his wonky deliver/deceptiveness will take the league a little longer to adjust to. I'm riding the wave for now. His command and curve look good, not sure if he has a 3rd pitch
  20. Probably, but Holland owners still going to be very nervous if he boofs it next time out.
  21. he was padres minor league player of the year, last year as well
  22. I went with Luch but sasn't sure to pickup him Ross or because they both facing anemic SF offense (And I'm a giants fan). Luchessi has a chance to be more than a flash in the pan, I analyzed his stuff bottom of page 3
  23. Either does ever letting Albers close
  24. As an example of what you and I are saying, last few articles on reds reporter Reds lose. Did the reds lose? Yes. Reds make roster move, but no it doesn't involve Nick Senzel The reds lose, again. When will the reds organization hold anyone accountable? Reds fans, don't give up just yet. Is it time for mgmt to dismiss Bryan Price Reds try baseball, lose baseball 6-5 to Phillies This is possibly the worst way for the Reds season to have started People are not happy. Mgmt and FO heads are getting chopped soon, the fanbase has nothing right now. Holding Senzel down for a fuggin arbitration year would be ludicrous when we already passed the super 2. If they hold him down they believe he's not ready. Is the plan to wait until Joey Votto gets another year older? lol.
  25. Not enough to overrule how much value you are getting. Yeah Machado is young and thats the best piece but Benintendi is also. It's slightly win now but you win the trade enough in both