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  1. Yeah in our league you have to roster handcuffs well ahead of time to get a possible source of saves. Someone will grab Yates and hold him to see if Hand blows two-three more saves, the good ones will help your ratios anyways. I appreciate the info. Did anyone see Phillies bullpen and Neris today? Also Rodney time rn
  2. grab the popcorn if Jansen blows a save tonight lol
  3. Are we considering Neris droppable at this point? I know what Kapler said, but still
  4. This is a new and very improved Hunter Strickland. He has always had the velocity, the 'stuff' and mentality to be a closer but back then he could only throw a fastball. Krukow was saying tonight he has never seen Strickland throw 4 different pitches before without one of them being a fastball. He looks confident.
  5. Very good point, I still just can't see this lasting long. We would be putting Rodney in some absurd percentile of players to have success as old as he is. And he has been unreliable for so long as is
  6. Krod was 35, Rodney is 41. There is just no way in my mind
  7. In my case, I read a razzball article and was just under the impression from it that he had the closer job without any relevant competition, lol. Was their reliever rankings
  8. Krod was 35 when he lost the closer gig, Fernando Rodney is 41 (!)
  9. I agree with you and that's why I am considering Bradley a short term/fluid hold. I expect to drop him but the ratio's he could offer while Boxberger is just getting off the ground still make him a reasonable handcuff. Boxberger's servere injury issues, recent arm soreness along with him building up the strength to go back to back nights make me less than 100% confident in him, closer gigs are most in the air until he has really cemented himself. Otherwise I agree with you. I will be following Ramos, Dyson and CJ/Cisek very closely and sub one of them for Bradley asap. I think Melancon is damaged goods and is in red flag territory with Morrow. Morrow being a diabetic has a big correlation with him being injured so often. I asked insideinjury about the Morrow injury/diabetes correlation and they said "The simple answer is yes, Type I diabetes does increase a player's injury risk. There are plenty of medical studies on why exactly this is the case (it could be anything from limited blood supply to the capillaries to increased lipids that break down the structure of tendons.) So while Morrow has done a good job managing his diabetes while playing baseball, it is a contributing factor to his lengthy injury history."
  10. I have Archie Bradley, since Box got the job I am holding Bradley for the time being. Box has had cronic injury issues and had arm soreness as recently as early March. I am now adding Addison Reed as my other handcuff. Fernando Rodney is 41 and has allowed 6 runs in 7 ip this spring. He does have a K per inning and only 3 BB's. I'm taking the chance on him blowing it very soon, let alone at some point relatively soon. I would go with Carl Edwards Jr because Morrow is the most injury prone player in baseball BUT I can not be 100% positive he would get save opps with Cisek around. In 12 team/deeper leagues, saves are opportunity > talent, talent is the luxury. I am in H2H categories, and while CJ would be better for ratios than Reed, the upgrade form a 9.0 Kp9 to a 10.6 is very, very marginal and a luxury. The relative certainly of Reed is more valuable than CJ's is as the better player. Saves are more of a need in my format than marginal talent upgrades with the small amount of IP. tldr: I think it's only a matter of time before Rodney and Morrow give someone else save opportunities. Familia Ramos situation as well. Holding Bradley for short term
  11. I don't have much confidence in Melancon to stay healthy, Dyson is one of the spec handcuffs I'll consider. I also believe there is close to no chance that Morrow stays healthy for a full season. If Cishek wasn't complicating the situation I would already be rostering Carl Edwards Jr (I'm not in a holds league) for some stat padding and a high upside potential saves source. Am also considering Reed as a spec handcuff b/c Rodney gonna Rodney. Ramos might be the one I actually go grab very soon with Familia's problems but sounds like a committee. If anyone is more knowledgeable about the Mets situation let me know. Hopefully I won't need any of these guys and Archie Bradley just gets the damn gig. My biggest draft regretwas taking him in the 17th without handcuffing Boxberger. I thought the job was essentially his. But how is Boxberger going to be relied on for being able to pitch consecutive days with his injury history and soreness problems just as recent as this month? That's like one of the biggest conditions for a closer, need to be able to pitch back to back days. Any news on the AZ front? Not overly confident that Bradley just gets it, but he is the guy establishing himself as a leader of the bullpen. Who we like best for most likely to end up getting saves? Reed, Ramos, Dyson, or CJ's?