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  1. I’m beginning to wonder... cause o joined a $200 league yesterday n it was deleted cause they couldn’t get 12 owners.?And I was told I’d get a refund email from safeguard but I’ve gotten nothing yet!!!
  2. You can keep saying you use safeguards all you want... yet I was just in s league that supposedly used safe guard and I paid. Then the league was deleted and I was told I’d get an email from safeguard saying I’d get my money refunded .. but IM STILL HERE WAITING FOR THAT EMail! I’m guessing I paid through a safeguard dummy site
  3. Ya I’m gonna have to bow out... it’s getting late n these just don’t seem to fill fast at all sadly lol
  4. How’s it looking??? I never thought joining a 2nd 12 team league would be so hard lol
  5. Taker are you getting 12 interested? If so, I’d be in! I believe we both were in that league that was seeking a $200 entry
  6. This is CD will you get 12 owners? I’m in if so... your using the same settings as the league that was canceled, yes?
  7. How many paid do you have? Is it Roto it H2H ?? And did you bump it up to $100? Or $75?
  8. The league is going to be 12 strong competitive owners ... we have 10 now... drafting tonight $200 entry ... we’ve changed it to a standard Roto League (multi league) cause it seems a lot of people are scared of an Auction
  9. WE realize seeking another strong owner... it’s a Auction Roto League much like the one you lr advertising. You should join us ... drafting tonight
  10. Enjoy the Auction!! Very nice league!!! Great competition level!! Yahoo ran... Pay via safeguard!!! Multi league player Pool... Be an active owner!!! Join now!!