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  1. He won't be up there for long. Will probably be optioned back down once Folty is finished with his last rehab assignment
  2. Technically not offseason anymore, but Strickland with the 1-2-3 save
  3. Ofcourse you'd want to get paid but when you're making that much money, is a couple millions dollars worth not winning a world series? It comes down to what does a player value, winning or money?
  4. Strickland pitching the 8th in an exhibition game against the Yomiuri Giants for what it's worth. 6-3 Mariners.
  6. If there's a better time to sell high, it's now. Just look at that xFIP and BABIP
  7. Steckenrider. This is based on his usage in the 8th innings. He's also looked good as of late. Last 5 scoreless appearances?
  8. Jace Fry used in the 8th to get an out. Jeanmar Gomez still available.
  9. Archer is starting tomorrow against John Gant.
  10. But Shaw has some years left in his contract. Why open a hole at 3B after this season?
  11. From the depth chart, LF: Tommy Pham CF: Kevin Kiermaier RF: Carlos Gomez DH: CJ Cron Meadows replaces Gomez I'm guessing?
  12. Chase Utley will be benched. Muncy stays at 1B. Bellinger to OF
  13. I don't see why not. Sale Price Porcello Pomeranz Eovaldi Erod/Wright are both on the DL. Both don't need to be rushed back with Eovaldi in the fold.
  14. He struck out Trout and Upton. He looked pretty good tonight. Topped 97 I think
  15. KC announcers mentioned how it may be because Maurer has closing experience