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  1. What would the lineup look like with Lindor hitting 3rd? Mercado-JoRam-Lindor-Santana-Franmil? Mercado-Hernandez-Lindor-JoRam-Santana?
  2. Early 2020 sleeper mid-RP: Dellin Betances (RP - NYM). Career 14.64% K%, 2.36 ERA, 1.04 WHIP. Throws a hard four-seamer usually in the high 90s which he pairs with a curve and slider. Injury last season was to his achilles, nothing related to his arm, and he slots in before Lugo and Diaz in the pecking order. ADP is #369, so free, but in HLDs leagues or SV+HLD he may go before the last round. 60 IP: 2.75 ERA, 1.10 WHIP, 75 K is very doable IMO with room in the Ks. Should get 20+ HLDs pretty easily.
  3. Small sample size but Schwarber really, really likes hitting 4th. 4th (68 PA): .393/.441/.787 - 25% K% - 8.8% BB% - .393 ISO - .475 BABIP Everywhere else (1816 PA): .229/.336/.478 - 28% K% - 12.1% BB% - .249 ISO - .264 BABIP There's no way he maintains that BABIP or those ridiculous numbers, but he seems to performs better. With the Cubs announcing that the top 2 will be Bryant/Rizzo, it seems likely Baez will hit 3rd and Schwarber 4th. He won't hit .300, but he may get to .260 - 35 - 100 - 90 with room in the HRs and RBIs which is pretty nice at #147. He's going around Framil, Dahl, Kepler, Tucker, and I'd be inclined to draft him over all of them.
  4. I'm buying Buster this year for sure and .300 is doable but dude has hit 7, 5, 12, 14, and 19 HR, over the past 5 seasons beginning last year. He has only hit more than 20 HRs twice in 9 seasons. Love the boldness of this call.
  5. I don't see the bullpen taking a lot of wins from DeGrom, 15 seems very doable this season. 9th inning - Diaz. Dude is filthy and suffered from a very weird HR/FB issue last season. 8th inning - Lugo. Converted starter, stats as RP: 178 IP, 2.52 ERA, 0.95 WHIP, 28.3% K%. Absolute filth. 7th inning - Betances. Suffered an achilles injury and missed last season. Career filth thrower: 14.64 K%, 2.36 ERA/1.04 WHIP. Mid innings - Familia. Solid middle reliever (career 3.16 ERA/1.29 WHIP) who saw his HR/FB and HR/9 double last year. Has some control issues but he's 4th in the pecking order. Wilson. Solid (career 3.25/1.27) oddly very similar pitcher to Familia it seems. Brach/Zamora/Gsellman are there as well. Honestly that's a pretty interesting pen. ZiPS projects for 5 WAR as a group which is pretty good. It's no SD or NYY but it's got huge upside; 7-8-9 could be lights out.
  6. Workman is currently being drafted in the middle of a big clump of closers from ~#130 to ~#170. In forty picks we see the likes of Giles, Kimbrel, Smith, Iglesias, Colome, Robles, Workman, and Leclerc go off the board. Pagan, Bradley, Cmart, Kennedy, and Doolittle go in the next thirty picks. (Doolittle looks like good value here btw). I think Workman belongs in the latter bunch alongside a guy like Bradley or Kennedy. As others have mentioned he has a ton of issues that make me very unconvinced he will repeat. I'd much rather grab Giles, Kimbrel, Robles, or Leclerc. If I missed on all these guys I'd go for super secure mid-RPs (N Anderson, Gallegos, Pressly, Lugo) instead of chasing saves with crappy ratios.
  7. There may not have been a thread because 30-30 is in the bank and everything else is gravy. He's a consensus top 3, if not a consensus top pick. .280/.360 - 30 - 90 - 100 - 30 looks like the floor, which is silly. Hard to predict how high he'll fly, though 50-50 seems like a pipe dream to me.
  8. He's basically Victor Robles lite. Steamer Robles: 609 PA, .262/.326 - 17 - 71 - 71 - 27 (6.4% BB, 21% K) Steamer Reyes: 522 PA, .273/.308 - 10 - 51 - 58 - 15 (4.5% BB, 19% K) Good value late in the draft.
  9. Too many Ks, too many ground balls. Both are fixable issues and the kid is young, has a guaranteed starting job, and is crazy talented. Deeper leagues he's a flier for a bench spot, shallow leagues he's a watch list guy. Keeper/dynasty I would expect him to be owned though his price may be deflated at the moment.
  10. Oh, and Joey Votto punches father time right in his wrinkly old face and goes .300 - 25 - 90 - 110 - 5, leading the Reds to the playoffs with his performance and everlasting charm.
  11. Christian Walker (1B - ARI) finishes as the #3 first baseman in standard 5x5 fantasy behind Bellinger/Freeman. He does so by cutting his K% and going .280 - 35 - 130 - 100. On a related note, Ketel Marte becomes the top 2B in fantasy in all formats. He shows no weaknesses and puts up a line of .300 - 30 - 100 - 110 - 15. In spite of these two amazing performances and Marte/Escobar/Peralta being very solid, the D-Backs fail to make the playoffs as their bullpen implodes and starters can't seem to string enough quality outings together to generate momentum.
  12. He had a BABIP/AVG/OBP of: 2017: .328/.279/.384 2018: .289/.243/.350 2019: .290/.257/.363 Looks like they move in tandem. I'm not sure how one raises one's BABIP, but if it jumps at all then he becomes a rock solid 4-tool player in standard 5x5.
  13. Just for funsies: Matt Chapman (ADP 88), .257, 34 HR, 95 R, 97 RBI, 3 SB. Or better still: Josh Donaldson (ADP 99), .267, 36 HR, 100 R, 103 RBI, 4 SB. Or if we really want to do it: Justin Turner (ADP 168!), .281, 26 HR, 86 R, 85 RBI, 3 SB Vlad Jr (ADP 57), .295, 25 HR, 86 R, 87 RBI, 3 SB
  14. I love this guy, amazing control, but the IP limit is going to hurt his value for most leagues. He threw around 110 innings total in 2019 across 3 levels, and around 80 innings total in 2018 over 3 levels. 150 IP seems like the max for 2020?
  15. Everyone is betting on Nick Anderson but despite his amazing performance he got zero (0) save chances last year. On the other hand, Castillo and Alvarado both got many opps and both have filthy stuff. I love Anderson as a guy to add Ks and bring down ratios, but betting on him being the closer in TB is the definition of chasing saves. A guy like Betances could return Anderson K/ERA/WHIP and is basically free in almost all leagues.