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  1. Surely they're doing it to avoid service time, but it might not be a good idea to have Torres "learning" 2nd base at the mlb level. He's got all of 9 innings played at 2b this season in Triple-A. If Torres keeps it up by mid-May and Tyler Wade doesn't turn his hitting around, he probably gets his call up.
  2. Ya I ended up taking the action. We both pay our bets. It's only $100 after all
  3. I remember getting one in elementary school. What a sweet system!
  4. A buddy of mine read this article https://yankeebrigade.com/team-news/2018-could-be-historical-season-for-yankees/ and now he's convinced that Judge, Stanton and Sanchez are going to somehow combine for 150 home runs this season. He's willing to bet up to $100 on that happening. That's a snap-accept bet right? If you wouldn't take this bet, why not?