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  1. Absolutely on Dickerson for Hilliard; like Dickerson alot....Cutting Mancini for Nunez would depend on if this is a re-draft, keeper or dynasty....in addition to the rest of the roster. Would absolutely do both in a re-draft or keeper.....would be hesitant to make the latter move (Mancini/Nunez) in a dynasty.
  2. Your on the right track imo. Lowe has potential but in the short term, consistent playing time simply won't be there. Most intriguing name on the list is Anderson imo, based on last years gains. He sported an 8.9% barrel rate, near 46% hard-hit rate, with the ability to spray the ball to all fields. Seems pretty locked into the two slot in the Marlins lineup, so will receive ample at bats (scoring ops). Yandy would be second on the podium, based on raw power, however the aforementioned below average launch angle, coupled with the > 50% ground ball rate are still worrisome. He offers the highest ceiling with some tweaks to the swing. Tsutsugo/Smoak/Lowe......pick one for third place on the podium (would sway Tsutsugo or Smoak if competing this season)
  3. (Assuming your question pertains to a more competitively constructed platform) The most valuable aspect of a great league is the sum of its parts; which in translation is the composition of owners. LM is responsible to flesh prospective members, and based on the desired environment/culture, assign ownership accordingly. Tabling roster mobility doesn't offer a long term solution to the true dilemma, which is your reservations over (weaker) owners within your peer group. In trying to babysit the "weak" your indirectly going to deter your quality owners in the process, from a competitive, engagement, & activity perspective. An indefinite moratorium temporarily masks what will eventually bubble to surface, which is the separation amongst the "good" and "not-so-good". Rather than taking measures to protect or save weaker owners from themselves, taking greater vetting measures will organically mitigate these pain points. Kinda have to reap what you sow if electively mix weak and strong owners within the same environment. I'm a proponent of allowing strategic independency. Some may take a conservative approaching during these times of uncertainty (which is perfectly "ok"), however there shouldn't be penalties or limitations for those that wish to capitalize on current buying opportunities. In addition, owners may also have greater bandwidth to engage with peers, based on travel restrictions. Provides an enjoyable recreational outlet, which is illustrated within this forum. If you did a good job choosing your members....then trust that your group won't disrupt the competitive balance or hinder the league integrity. As an owner, would heavily be opposed to a league-wide indefinate trade moratorium
  4. If discussing your team in sig (which already owns Treinen), I'm going Jansen. Playing for one of the top teams, if not the best, in baseball should lead to ample save opps. New sequencing this spring seems to be working well, with increased velocity on his two-seam, and a heavier dose of sliders incorporated, contrary to a cutter heavy approach. Look for him to bounce back in a big way if the gains hold up.
  5. Higher ceiling and a decisive youth advantage goes to side 1. Side 2 if trying to make a championship run. Team direction/dynamic often determines trade values, however I'd take side 1 in a vacuum
  6. What leads you to believe that we have seen Turner's best years, just as he's entering his prime? Slight adjustment to his swing mechanics last year lends to the fact that his power numbers should continue to rise, as he generated harder contact and less grounders in 2019. Fluke injuries have relegated him to only a single season of over 600 AB. Its not impossible to dream on a season of 25 HR/50SB/.300 AVG.......with full health (broken finger is far different than lingering issues such as Correa's back woes) Dominguez has the bat speed, tantalizing power upside, and even decent wheels.....problem is we won't know how that translates into ACTUAL fantasy production for multiple years. Not arguing that he can't be top caliber prospect....however who wants to sit on him for 4 years to find out. If he turns into the second coming of Trout, then you ultimately lose, but the probability certainly does not favor of that outcome (and we wouldn't find out until 2024 at the earliest anyway). The pool of prospect talent is never short on supply, however the amount of quality major league talent is. Given the opportunity, its a no brainer to turn a helium based lottery ticket into a dynamic, young, top caliber major league contributor.....Falling in love with "far away prospects", as opposed to capitalizing on the immediate return is often a losing proposition (over large sample sizes). Take the talent and mitigate risk. Cashing in on 35 year old during a rebuild is vastly different than electively moving a 26 year old top asset (probably your best hitter) whose entering peak value! Those moves lend to a strategy of perpetually "kicking the can down the road" when chasing a championship.
  7. Mize and Kelenic....Skubal's profile offers doubt that he ultimately stays a starter. The deceptively fast heater (ranges 92-98) has kept hitters off balance, and helped mask the lack of quality secondaries, which will likely be exposed, without further development, as he reaches the majors. Love Mize (minus the injury concerns), who offers four plus pitch mix, to go along with plus command and Kelenic. Follow the ceiling!
  8. Harper quietly had a very solid second half last season, and players typically perform optimally in their second season with a new franchise. Confidently expecting him to bounce back toward elite-ish status. Love any combination of those four prospects coming back your way as well. Offer is certainly more than fair, however it often takes more than fair to part with a player of Acuna's status. His combination of elite skills, youth, and five category production is far too valuable to gamble away. Elite talent hold greater weight in shallower formats (easier to backfill other aspects of the roster) Strongly consider this in a deeper environment, however in a 10 team its wise to keep/acquire the best piece(s), which in this case is Acuna! Pivoting other asset(s) to land Harper would still be encouraged if your counterpart is willing to negotiate (off Acuna).
  9. Even deal in terms of value, but easily prefer Turner here....He's arguably a top 10 fantasy asset, contributing across 5 categories, while entering the infancy stages of his prime. Dream on what he can produce in a (fully) healthy season. Both players present injury risks, though Correa recurring back woes have perpetually plagued his production, and is the more worrisome ailment imo. Correa, at peak production and health, also offers a lower fantasy (4 cat) ceiling. Dominguez addition compensates the difference, however be prepared to wait a minimum of 3-4 years to reap any major league return on investment. As stated above by @JE7HorseGod, better to own the bird in the hand....especially when that bird is already a 26 year old superstar!
  10. I'd say its pretty fair deal. Segura is a bit underrated, hitting 2nd amidst a strong Phillies lineup, while Baez free-swinging ways lend skepticism that he will eventually see a steep decline in batting average. Baez K-rate was an abysmal 27.8% last season, ranking 8th worst among qualified bats. He's also not the threat he once was on the base paths, getting thrown out 7 times out of 18 attempts. I'm not a Baez hater by any means, and his impressive spring performance demonstrated that the thumb injury is behind him, however wouldn't be surprised if Segura outperformed him in runs scored, batting average, stolen bases and OB% when all said and done. Woodruff is a legitimate Cy Young candidate. If not for the oblique setback last season, he was trending towards the top of the NL leaderboard in Wins, Strikeouts and WAR. 3.01 FIP lends more reason for optimism. Don't believe the aforementioned top 20 rank was overly optimistic at all. He has all the making of an ace. Would fill the void in the rotation very nicely for a team that just lost one of their presumed top starters (in Thor) Going with the contrarian play and leaning the Woodruff/Segura side
  11. Very nice roster....If any constructive criticism could be offered its the investment on Merrifield. His production on the base paths dropped considerably a year ago (20 SB) while being CS on 1/3 of his attempts. Expect that regression to continue with age. Won't hurt you elsewhere, however won't win you steals either. With an abundance of power bats in tow (Alvarez, Santana, Cron (Love that pick) & Reyes), I'd prioritize acquiring some speed or ideally duel threats. In addition to Cron, really liked the value adds you acquired in Lynn, Minor, Chirinos, Santana, Tauchman and Reyes.....The closer situation will likely need to be addressed in-season, however beggars can't be choosers based on supply/demand. Overall....Nice job!
  12. Darvish without blinking.....Stanton is perpetually, and already, injured while Darvish was pretty incredible during the second half last season. Re-gained his pre-TJ command posting incredible K:BB ratios (192:24 over his last 24 starts). Positive win regression on a Cubs team that should generate plenty of run support. Pre-existing keepers already boast two top quality OF in Robles and Harper. "Yu" know what to do here . Keep Darvish
  13. League settings would allow for a more informed response, but in a vacuum take Bieber. Puk's injury and Lux struggles against southpaws/potential to platoon this season w/Hernandez, would suggest that the market for Bieber is significantly greater. Even if you believe in Puk and Lux long term, the current market play favors Bieber decisively...even in a dynasty environment imo.
  14. Team should be moderately competitive, largely in part to the strength of the nine keepers. Mixed bag of selections following Snell. Not sure if I skimmed over too fast, but didn't take notice of the league size or type (Dynasty/Re-Draft) which would help add context. In a vacuum solid value was secured in the middle rounds with Ray and Lynn. Ray has a new over the top delivery that he worked on with Greinke this off-season in hopes of limiting his free passes. Early spring results were encouraging. Lynn is still undervalued for as good as he was a season ago. Fastball gains are "real". Jansen has been unworldly this spring, using more two-seamers and sliders with better velocity in lieu of a cutter heavy approach. Like him alot. Madbum & Iglesias wouldn't have been targets of mine. Bumgarners' 4.47 DRA over the last two seasons is reason for skepticism in addition to the road splits during his recent years in San Fran. Away from Oracle his production tanked (5.95 ERA), and a more hitter friendly Arizona home-environment will only further expose his diminishing stuff. Iglesias also was mediocre at best, minus the save totals. Carrasco is a great later selection, assuming the elbow concerns are as minor as currently advertised. Like the Hernandez & Avi Garcia picks, both of whom gain value in new surroundings. Based on the quality of prospects secured at the end of the draft, may want to invest in additional prospect arms with close proximity. Consider cutting ties with Hilliard over Madrigal. Didn't do himself any favors this spring, displaying poor pitch recognition (.176 AVG; striking out 1/3 of the time) which will likely punch his ticket to AAA to begin the year, with Desmond/Tapia platooning in LF. Daza also had a sensational showing which makes the outfield mix more murky. Longer winded response than you probably preferred lol. Hope it helps! GL
  15. Stripling certainly deserves an opportunity to start (love the repertoire...intrigued by the newly modified change-up)....though the writing on the wall suggests it will not be for the Dodgers. Los Angeles has a wealth of SP options in reserve (Gonsolin & May) and have been exploring his trade market since the Angels deal fell through. In a swingman role he won't kill your ratios, while the potential change in scenery will only boost his value (assuming he's not shipped to a SP needy team like Colorado )