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  1. Had enough of this chump. In a Fifteen team league have had to stick with him, but he driven me insane
  2. Only given up 7 hits in Four starts and after the seventh inning today he retired 15 straight. Looks so composed, and all pitches working well
  3. Dispatch reports. "Alex Reyes has a significant lat strain," Girsch said. "It is not going to be a couple starts. It's going to be more than a few starts." Good news for Flehety I guess
  4. True it wasnt perfect but it should at least give him a little confidence. The main problem is he has been battered in most 1st innings, hopefully he moving in the right direction
  5. Im gonna cry, raged dropped him after last start then he does this. Now I scared not to get him back as know if rival picks him up he crushes it, yet if I pick him up he flunks
  6. Wow, shame about that home run, would have been some real drama without it. Think it a bit unfair people critisising for letting him throw 120 he was looking very strong out there.
  7. Amazing the difference a week can make, suddenly back looking for 20+ homers
  8. His average is starting to trend down a little, think he is slowly coming off his hot streak, but we will see.
  9. Would happily settle for 15 at this stage as long as he keeps running
  10. For all his badness he is doing ok, just about Last 15 days 17/58 11 1 6 1 .293 Not great but at least the average and the runs are acceptable, and that not include todays stolen base,
  11. Albies 0/9 massive slump, time to put that offer in for goldie
  12. Rodney fires in another save, that is Four in a week. Seems to be on a bit of a roll