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  1. PPR dynasty leagues better get their share of McGuire before he breaks out. I don't think he'll break out huge this year, but he's gonna be a huge sleeper for next season.
  2. Week 9 is killing me with byes, so I'm hoping he gets activated. The talent and opportunity is there for him, I think it's just a matter of whether or not they play him. At this point I'm most likely going to keep him rostered ROS considering what he did for them last season.
  3. Ingram will be fine. But I do have concerns playing him against the Redskins. Their front seven is pretty legit, the numbers don't lie. They've been one of the best against the run so far this year. But we'll see, I'm still starting Ingram regardless.
  4. That's me. I threw a claim out for Hurst this morning. If Gronk can't go I'm gonna throw the dice and play Hurst.
  5. I like his upside in this offense if he can get a good share of snaps
  6. This argument makes sense until you realize Big Ben is close to retirement and they'll be in rebuild mode sooner than later. Pittsburgh needs Bell to come back and they need to win now, like this year.
  7. I thought that at first too but you need to realize this is all business. Bell will return, they won't trade him. The fact he's reported to return earlier than Week 11 is a sign he's going to stay the rest of the year. Pittsburgh needs him to make the playoffs. And Bell needs to return as soon as possible to make an impact on the season and to prove his worth for free agency. And I know this is the James Conner thread, so what I'm trying to say is James Conner is taking the back seat when Bell returns and it's time to sell him or drop him. Bell is arguably the best RB in the league. Conner isn't gonna have a role in this offense when he returns.
  8. Anyone who thinks Conner is going to be valuable after Bell returns is either a moron or they're kidding themselves. Bell will take over 99% of the snaps when he's back. Tomlin isn't an idiot. Bell is clearly superior to James Conner. Don't kid yourself. Sell this guy now before he's worthless
  9. Are you f@&$!# kidding me? It's Le'Veon freaking Bell. If you were a coach you're telling me you wouldn't have this guy out there for 100% of the offensive snaps? Sell James Conner now before your idiot league members realize Bell is coming back soon
  10. Sell Conner now, there's a report out Bell could return Week 7 after Pittsburgh's bye week. Seriously, if you picked this guy up off waivers or drafted him late, you might as well sell him when you can for what you can before he's worthless.
  11. That's why it's probably a good idea to sell him for someone who's gonna be around all year on, preferably on a better team.
  12. Exactly. I think the first or second play of the game for Miami was a handoff to Drake and he gained about 5 yards. I was getting excited, I thought we were in for a repeat of last year's Week 14. Turns out that run was pretty much his highlight of the game, except for a late catch. You'd think against a team like NE you'd want to run the ball and control the time of possession. Especially when you've got two playmaking RBs. But what do I know, I'm not a coach in the NFL...
  13. You're right, Bell won't do anything for this losing team when he returns. He'll be playing for himself at the highest level possible for the remainder of the year to prove he deserves a massive paycheck in free agency. He isn't gonna hold out for the rest of the year and Pittsburgh isn't gonna trade him. They need him if they want any shot at making the playoffs. Sell Conner as soon as he has another massive game.
  14. Wait until he has a massive game again and sell high and sell fast. Bell will be back Week 11 and this guy will be worthless again in redraft leagues.