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  1. Hello, I had an owner leave halfway through the season and I need someone to take his place. Team is in need of a rebuild but has some good pieces and league is fairly easy to rebuild in. There are a couple of rules that are unlike many other leagues in an effort to help teams rebuild and make the draft stronger. For instance, we have protected prospects. If a prospect was not available at the beginning of the year draft, they can not be picked up. So a prospect like Bo Bichette, who wasn't in the system at the beginning of the year, can't be picked up, despite the fact that he is now in ESPN's system. Also, we have something called Free Agency where basically you select one player that you, or any other team, can not keep and they go into the draft. If you have questions, let me know. Leave email if interested. Noah
  2. I am interested. Email is Email me any questions you have. I can send you a team I currently run in a very competitive league to show my knowledge. I currently only have 2 teams so definitely have time for this league and would love to join. Thanks