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  1. Lol sorry. I was more calling BS on the Jays than anything else
  2. Ok so if Vlad Jr is the generational hitter he appears to be, then who cares if he isn't great in the field? Honestly. If he's hitting for 30+ HR power AND average (Goldy like) then please explain why it matters if he's never better than "ok" in the field?
  3. All this speaks volumes about the need to change some of these ridiculous rules. The best players should be on the field.
  4. Ok 35th in my league. That's above the meh-ndoza line. Yup, its a thing. Now. ?
  5. He's top 30 in SP points. Meh or no meh. That plays.
  6. Feel free to drop him. I would be delighted to pick him up if I was in that league.
  7. Seems possible IMO. He's already had some "innings" management so having having him as part of a 6 man rotation for a few turns is fine by me. Those situations have a way of working themselves out.
  8. My guess is he gets slotted in to start late next week. Hopefully it's clarified in time for weekly leaguers like me.
  9. Confirmed. Heard it today on Philly sports talk
  10. For reals us weekly leagers need the remaining Fri-Sunday starters poste haste. Let the Twitter scouring commence.
  11. Hopefully no one's rotation is depending on this info. That is a sad sad group.
  12. Who cares what level he is at, as long as he is healthy. Vladito is ready.
  13. So we think he broke out of the 4 OF rotation?
  14. Yup. Plus I'll gladly take his potential top 25 production even if it means the occasional turn being skipped.