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  1. Another one bite the dust? You’re losing them faster than you are bringing them in. Why can’t you receive messages? Did you get banned?
  2. Do you have a preference on draft type? Do you care if it is a keeper or not? I have a 12 team H2H Cats that is in a redraft year and 4 keepers moving forward that needs 2 more. We use Slack for all league communication. Take a look at the league settings and let me know if you are interested?!
  3. I play on both ESPN and Yahoo. My Yahoo baseball profile is lacking since they converted to the new personal stat tracking but I assure you I know both formats. I am also in two other baseball leagues on Yahoo currently. You have my email so if you don’t mind, let’s continue this via email thanks!
  4. We are looking for active and competitive owners. Let your actions speak for themselves! We have not drafted yet. Draft date and time is set in stone for June 6th (Saturday) @ 8 pm Eastern. We have decided to redraft this year due to the extenuating circumstances. There will be UP TO 4 keepers moving forward. keeper rules are as stated: You can keep up to 4 but are not required to keep any. If you choose to keep 4, it will have to be a mix of 3-1 (or 2-2) of either 3 bats & 1 arm or 3 arms & 1 bat. There is a keeper year limit. You will only get to keep any given player up to 2 years. After that, that said player goes back into the drafting pool. This is so we can keep things fresh. Because this is an auction league, whatever price you paid for a player, that is the price he will be kept at (unless picked up off waivers then his value is set to $1). That price will be deducted from your “draft wallet” for the start of the new auction draft. The league settings: If you have any questions, please feel free to email Jerry @ Or just leave your email so he can contact you. Also, this league has a slack chat set up for league communication. It is mandatory. Thanks for your interest and hopefully we can have you aboard!
  5. I am definitely interested. I have been playing fantasy baseball since 1997 (Tony Gwynn was my first ever pick). I always play until the end, no matter my record. You just never know what can happen, all you need is a chance to make it into the playoffs and anything goes from there. I am as active as they come. You can reach me at if I fit the bill. Thanks!
  6. Never mind, I just opened it up in a new tab. I am interested in the St. Louis Cardinals. I do have a question though, why did last year’s winner leave? email is
  7. For some reason, I click the link and it takes me to the Streak section of the ESPN app? Could you link the league settings? How many keepers?