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  1. ONE more team needed, message me your email if you would like to get this auction started.
  2. This is $19 LeagueSafe/MFL. Prize pool is ($19 x 16 owners) - MFL fees. It's not a big pot so it will be winner-take-all. Slow auction. The clock will be 9-hours which is enough time for 99% of people in my experience. At the start of the draft there will be one person at each position nominated every day but as we progress through the draft more players will be nominated because of the overall number of players we are talking about. 11 starters on offense/11 starters on defense/22 bench spots. 10 IR. 10 Taxi. That's during the season, in the offseason rosters bump up to 53. Cut down date from 53 to 44 in early September. PPR Scoring. Waivers will be blind bidding. Like the NFL it will be a hard cap, and like the NFL not every team will have the same amount of free $ under the cap to offer FA's. Because we have bigger benches ADD/DROPS will be suspended several hours before the kickoff of the first game(THU) and after the conclusion of the last game(MON). Dynasty(players salary doubles every year so some star big $ players go back into the pool each season). I hate dealing with trade related drama so we'll just have one rule. If someone objects to a trade we'll put up a 24hr poll. If 2/3rds of the VOTES(not the teams but the number of people that actually chose to vote) want the trade overturned, it will be. Future draft picks can only be traded for the years that have been paid. Just reply to this thread to get an invitation. You can either post your LeagueSafe email here, or in a private message if you prefer. First 16 PAYED teams are in, 11/16 teams have received invitations thus far so if you are interested please reply soon. Hoping to start auctioning players THIS WEEK. Auction starts less than 24-hours after the 16th person has payed @ LeagueSafe.
  3. TWO teams(1 AFC, 1 NFC) for $19. Dynasty Best Ball, so it doesn't take up nearly as much of your time on game day(s).
  4. Yes, that's right. One AFC team, one NFC team. So it's really like two separate 16 team leagues where the champions play one another in week 16. There is a chance that one lucky skilled person could win both the AFC and the NFC which means they would automatically win the entire pot. We are up to 13 invited, 7 payed. We start the auction within ~24hr after the 16th person has payed at LeagueSafe.