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  1. Baez has been flaming garbage. Going to have to rage cut some players soon to appease the fantasy gods
  2. I like posey this year because of how late he is going. Also because the league if it does actually happen this year will probably start near June. So it will be the healthiest hes been in years. If we had a regular season id chose Ramos
  3. J Ram by a country mile The next two depends on OBP or Non. In obp league JDM is 2, if not Baez 2. Baez upside is much higher than JDM fwiw
  4. Im not trying to throw it away totally. what im getting at is there is significant risk using an early to mid 20s overall pick on him especially if you're in an OBP league. But since you asked: here's some cherry picking on the good and bad The bad vs Hou 6g: 5/2/5/0 .208/208 vs TB: 16g: 8/1/5/0 .207/290 vs Tor 13g: 8/2/4/0 .217/.333 The good!!! vs Bos 19: 13/5/14/0 .306/.366 vs Bal 18: 22/13/20/0 .394/.467 Positives: His home/road splits are almost identical, negligible difference between RHP and LHP. Outlook: The upside is there 100%. He will most likely regress vs Bal/Bos and improve vs TB/Tor and end up with numbers similar to what he did last year-ish, 38hr power seems a bit much but 30-33 seems possible. We can manipulate numbers for/against almost anyone. Too me though he is volatile-ish and i'll let it be on someone else roster at that ADP and wait on a Muncy/Escobar type.
  5. Is he though? Gleybers numbers are super inflated due to the games he had vs the Orioles (13 of his 38hrs). Sure the O's are still going to be trash, but theres no way he will mash that hard against them again 20% of his output came in those 18 games (12% of games played). I feel they will be close in most stats, Gleyber an edge in HR and Ozzie in SB.
  6. Buy: Olson, Albies, Seager, Moncada, Eloy, Conforto, Peralta, Will SMith, Clev, Darvish, Luzardo, Rogers Fade: Alonso, Villar, Bregman, Arenado, Blackmon, Pham, Bryant, JT Realmuto, COle, Sherzer, Sale, Hader
  7. How we feeling about kendrick, think he plays in both games? What a disappointment last night, bases juiced 3 times, and produced zilch!
  8. Yeah, he was cruising pre-injury and was definitely going to be "the sleeper" pitcher all off-season. but since he got roughed up when he came back, that will keep a lot of people off of his scent. I'm owning shares of Pablo everywhere next year
  9. He's doing everything right to be great value for next year. big sleeper appeal
  10. The really odd thing is, it seemed like he was up in the count on most of his walks. When he was with the Marlins, when he had two strikes on a guy whether 0-2, 1-2 he would toss an eye level fastball like you would in little league, to see if the guy would chase or to make your curve seem a little bigger. But its no where near the zone and it's just waste of a pitch
  11. So we tossing lamet? or giving him another start before we plug him in?
  12. All well and good, but if i had shares i'd be selling....His change up is pure filth i will acknowledge that... but how long until that 2.50 turns closer to 4.00? fip 3.93 xfip 5.14 sierra 4.67 his strand rate isnt likely to remain 81% he's not an elite K guy (7.5/9) n with a 47% Fly ball rate, its only a matter of time before those fly balls start finding the seats in Camden im not saying sell for anything. but hes the perfect guy to move to cover up a hole in your roster
  13. scooter owners who held on to him, only for him to exit with....another groin injury
  14. it's part luck, and averages balancing out. ride the hot streak while it lasts (3 more days in colorado) but dont expect the good times to last