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  1. Drop Enunwa for Keke Coutee while you still can. Darnold is still a year or two away.
  2. Dealing right now... 7.0 IP, 1 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 11 K Hello haters! Pick him up wherever you can, kid has major skills.
  3. If for both of them, yes. If not, no.
  4. EH! EH! EH! EH! EH! EH! EH! Congrats James, and thank you for your contribution to your fantasy owners. That fact that he did it in his homeland makes it all the more awesome.
  5. 2/2, 2 1b's, 2 r so far. "Challenge accepted" - Eddie R.
  6. I just grabbed him in my league tonight after tracking his past few starts and am really excited about his ROS outlook after reading through this thread. What kind of potential innings cap are we looking at, if any?
  7. Watching his start, and he just cannot locate any of his pitches. He gets frustrated way too easily and just doesn't seem to have the mental makeup of a great pitcher. I see him as just another average SP who will have a good outing every now and then, but cannot be trusted at all as a fantasy pitcher. I've already dropped him in my league and will be looking to pick up Soroka.
  8. Anyone else starting him today? A performance like his last start would be awesome! (6IP, 3H, 2BB, 1ER, 6K) Maybe he can start hitting 7 IP soon? I see a little bit of Paxton/Robbie Ray in him (ie. Control issues but with undeniable K ability). Hopefully he can refine his game as the year goes along.
  9. Yeah I am. His control has been great so far and that should work out well against an impatient Cubs team who is not on their game for the most part. (I hope)
  10. I love this kid so much. Will be able to keep him for cheap for many years to come. Do not trade him, he will have a special career barring injury.
  11. Severino and Paxton dealing for me today! Go Go Go Paxton EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH