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  1. He's now solidly ranked as a top 40-50 player in ROS rankings. Right around Yelich, Carrasco, or Pham. Might even be able to climb the ladder to get someone struggling like Goldie or Rizzo.
  2. So are we riding this slump out or looking to sell high?
  3. He did fantastic against them two weeks ago. Only gave up 2 hits. Kept Arenado, Story, and Blackmon off the bases. Hopefully he can repeat in Coors tonight.
  4. What a horrendous slump he's in right now. A few weeks ago he was hitting .290 and that has nosedived to .210. He can't get SBs if he can't get on base!
  5. Yup. Walker has been filthy. I'm curious what he can do against a top offense. So far he has pitched against CO, SF, SD, Miami, Cincy, etc.
  6. The Chapman for Torres trade was the definition of a mutually beneficial trade. It helped the Cubs to win the WS and Yanks got a MI for the future.
  7. Don't forget that he's just coming back off the DL. Might take him a week or two to get into the swing of things.
  8. Realistically, the Yanks would have to give Florial, Sheffield or Adams, (or sub in their preferred top 5-7 prospects with 1 being a SP) and a prospect in the top 10-15 (maybe Tate) as the base for MadBum considering his 1.5 years of team control.
  9. Yanks have now won series against Toronto, Minnesota, LAA, Indians, Astros, and Red Sox. They have literally beat every single team at the top of the AL. Might as well just start playing the top NL teams now to establish full MLB dominance.
  10. Without making any generalized statements about the entire year, I have been consistently impressed by this team during this 15-2 run. They have played pretty much the best teams in the AL (Blue Jays, Twins, Astros, Cleveland, Indians), shown an ability to come from behind when necessary, decent SP, solid bullpen, and great clutch hitting. This has been a great run.
  11. Now that is dominance. GCSO 5 hits, 1 walk, 10 ks against the Astros. He hit 100mph in the 9th inning. Hot damn.
  12. Dude has given up 9 hits through 6 innings. That is not "pretty well". Just goes to show how much our standards have lowered with him.
  13. Today is DDay for me with Castillo. If he bombs against Milwaukee, then he is dead to me and going on the WW. I can't take this anymore playing in a league with a short bench and 1 DL slot.
  14. Are we sure the kid doesn't throw a 95mph changeup? Hot damn.
  15. Albies already hit a HR against Thor earlier in the year.