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  1. Hitting 192 the last two weeks, can't afford for him to slump this close to the playoffs 😩 let's hope he picks it back up for September! Relatively easy matchups the rest of the way (Minus two series vs Washington)
  2. Recently picked up by the Reds, first 2 games hit 5/6 with a two-run homer. Worth keeping an eye on? Maybe more counting stats in the Reds lineup & a better park for batters
  3. This guy has been awful since the all star break, is he hurt or something?
  4. Guy doesn't have a post about him yet, but just went 7 scoreless vs Boston. Had a no-hitter through 6 and finished with 10 K's. Any chance he's the next John Means outta Boston?
  5. I want Bregman but I've got Alonso to take it all
  6. This guy's been pretty hot. Any way he keeps it up after the all star break?
  7. Set to return Fri vs Boston. Worth the start?
  8. It's my last add and I can't decide between Jose Urena or Felix Pena. Urena has the easier matchup imo vs Cincy
  9. Got an offer for Saquon and Edelman for Bell. Think Bell will sit? Hard to say no to an offer like this. What do you guys think?
  10. Who should I start at flex for PPR league?
  11. The first day I bench him he hits 2 hr ? this guy is a rising superstar
  12. He can start anytime now.. first week of playoffs could definitely use him for what I traded him for
  13. This guy is absolutely stinking up the joint. Anybody actually watching his abs? Just from looking at his stats it seems like he's just going for a hr every ab.
  14. Can I exit my fantasy week? Because his lack of hitting is causing me nausea