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  1. Roto League, as far as I can tell standard stats. We have 4 keepers, I am for sure keeping Yelich and Soto. I have Bogaerts, Baez, and Ketel Marte as my other keepers. I'm thinking this is an obvious Bogaerts/Baez but my heart wants to believe KM wasn't a fluke. My brain doesn't buy it though - anyone else think there's a world where dropping Baez would be right? Imo, last season was an injured fluke for Baez and this season he should be back to .290+ 30/20 power/speed. PS: don't worry about pitchers, aside from maybe one or two at the very top I will never keep a pitcher in a roto league Thanks!
  2. I have now traded Freeman, Aquino, and my 8th round pick for Soto and a 7th round pick. My lineup stands at C - d'Arnaud 1B - Hosmer 2B - Hiura 3B- JRam SS - Marte OF - Yelich, Choo, Mallex Smith Util - Bogaerts, Puig, VenMeter Bench - Arenado, Soto, Rosario Now for keepers it looks like: Hiura, JRam, Marte, Yelich, Bogaerts, Arenado, and Soto - so JRam, Yelich, Soto, X? Will Bogaerts keep growing, or is Arenado's safe floor still too high? I'd love to take Hiura over them but I think that's a touch risky for me.
  3. Suggest you keep both over Paddack and save yourself 2 bucks on a risky gamble. I haven't seen enough from him to think he's going to pay off significantly more than either of the other 2, certainly not Hiura.
  4. That's actually by design. Given the juiced ball era and how badly pitching has been getting beat up, I'm personally of a mind that positional keepers far outweigh anything I can get from any pitcher - barring an extreme gap in actual skill. I watch the peripheral stats and pick up guys off the waiver when they show life and ride them unless they go sideways, and that has worked out for a couple of seasons now. Age is really the big concern for me. Freeman is turning 30 and Arenado 29, so this is really where production should start curtailing. It might not happen as fast as with others since these are the cream of the crop, but I'd rather be out early than out late, right?
  5. Yes, I'm sitting around 183 and the next closest is 166 and we're not fighting for points directly. I broke free from the pack about a month in and haven't looked back thanks to a crazy good draft (Ketel Marte, Luis Castillo, Josh Hader, a few others). 1) I'd look to upgrade my draft position or something, but really this is about only being able to keep 4 guys and trying to get value out of losing the 5th. I feel like I can drop a keeper right now in exchange for future value and not risk losing 1st overall (cash league, so it matters if I'm wrong - but I don't think I am). I have to give up someone, so I am willing to piece any 2 to upgrade my 4th keeper slot. I only had Baez in mind because of his SB upside and having him plus Yelich and JRam sets me up for SB next year. 2) The Acuna owner might be a tough nut to crack but the Soto owner's roster is a hot mess. I could take a stab at Acuna, but if I'm double dealing any advice on who to offer? I feel like JRam and Yelich are locks to stay, but I might not get him in a Freeman/Bogaerts offer. No offseason trades unfortunately so I only have a few days to figure it out or just settle in and let someone go in the draft for free. I like Hiura, but I just can't get myself to take him over any of these guys yet - maybe if I knew for sure he'd produce over an entire season I'd consider it but he's still too unproven I think.
  6. Yes, that's more or less how I would approach it. I know Samardzija has been pitching well but his quality of opponent hasn't been that stellar and he could get blown up. If you're not willing to sit him and play Civale and watch Tanaka then I would definitely stay safe and sit both. On the upside, Tanaka has been getting lit up lately (except against the Jays, but I'm pretty sure a little league player could handle that lineup without Vlad) - so there's a chance you'll see right there you don't need the help.
  7. Definitely grab Hoskins and Marquez, drop Bradley and Melancon. I think you can leave Laureano and Pillar, but a Didi/Ahmed swap isn't bad if you don't need the positional versatility - at least while Ahmed is swinging a big stick. If he cools off you'll regret it though, and he is definitely capable of leaving owners out in the snow. Thoughts?
  8. I'd let Hudson do his thing; that game is at home and the Col lineup is very different when they have to leave their house. Civale is worth letting him run as he's been pitching excellent in a couple of tough matches already. I would strongly consider sitting Samardzija and Lamet, and as much as it hurts probably Ryu just to be safe - you never know when the Yanks are going to torch someone. Could use another eye:
  9. If that's the case, what about flipping Arenado for Baez? He might do that straight up, or I could offer Bogaerts and JRam - but I am putting my money where my mouth is on JRam; I think he's going to be a monster next year.
  10. The real question is, do you know a reliever will be available that is good enough to fill that gap? If yes, then I would wait because, oof, you could really use a reliever
  11. 13 team, 4 keeper roto league (currently crushing it). I have Freeman, Hiura, Jose Ramirez, Ketel Marte, Yelich, Bogaerts, and Arenado. I could also potentially trade for Baez if I'm willing to give up 2 of these guys (his team sucks, Baez excluded, and i can only keep 4 anyways). I was thinking about making a very long-term play and keeping Yelich, Bogaerts, and Ramirez, and chasing down Baez - but Freeman is killing it this year (yes I know he's turning 30, but the production is crazy), and the thought of letting Arenado go makes me sad. I think the obvious play is Freeman, Ramirez, Arenado, and Yelich and just let Bogaerts go, but I thought I would get a second (and third through ninth) opinion. Really value the hivemind here, as you all have steered me right so far. Thoughts, fellow dynasty managers?
  12. Drop Volgelbach. Guy's cooling and we don't know how far that's going to go yet.
  13. I like Lowe the most. If you're looking for pitching, can I interest you in Rich Hill? His 2018 was medium but his 2017 was stellar.