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  1. Many many pitches yanked into the left hand batter's box. The HR's shouldnt have been hit, he walked the pitcher, didnt look good at all.
  2. Except tomorrow might not be a save opp so he will get rest then. Jesus these managers have no common sense. You use your closer in a save opp as long as he's good to go.
  3. The best choice would be Green. He isnt pitching more than one inning lately so there is no reason to "save" him for the multi inning role and he gives them the best chance to win a game with a lead in the 9th. While that is the best choice that doesnt mean Boone will do it haha.
  4. Last game on my team. He just plain sucks. 6 hits and 4 walks against the Orioles? Good lord. Can’t pitch with a lead, can’t pitch to terrible teams, just flat out can’t pitch.
  5. Probably the same with me. I am not expecting much today or with his next start against the Pirates.
  6. I dont think hes a streamer, but hes definitely a pick your spots type of starter.
  7. The effort by DeShields on the Altuve HR was awful haha. They sure cant climb the wall these days like Griffey and Lofton did. So fun to watch those guys
  8. Jay Bruce especially. He is responsible for all of the runs. Couldnt throw Tanaka out at home and couldnt get his fat a$$ back to catch the ball that bounced over for a hr.
  9. I got a good return when I traded him. But it is astonishing that he went from zero to stud starting on the day he left my team. No in between, just from awful to back to normal in one day.
  10. Hopefully he and Thor get traded. This team is pathetic
  11. That is an out if he has a RF with any sort of athletic ability. Bruce is worthless.
  12. How is it that I have 5 starters going tonight and all 5 HP umpires cant call the zone correctly?