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  1. Hey guys, can you help me out a little again? I'm doing quite well currently leading my league but I feel there might be some regression and there are weaknesses in my roster.

    Here is my current roster:

    c : realmuto, astudillo

    1b: Encarnacion, miggy

    2b: altuve, mcneil, jose ramirez

    3b: jose ramirez, Matt carpenter (hoping for turnaround)

    Ss: de jong, correa

    OF: puig, conforto, mcneil, schwarber, buxton, robles, verdugo

    Util: ohtani

    SP: nola, mikolas, bieber, ray, boyd

    RP: givens, Chapman, pressley, kimbrel (still holding on), Britton, iglesias, rogers


    I feel I have an over abundance in the IF (league has 2b, ss, 3b and If spot) and OF is not so great. Pen I feel is good, SP not great but Ok.

    Would you sell high on one of the "overperformers" like de jong, McNeil or boyd? Or make another trade? Release schwarber or matt carpenter for a waiver pickup?

    Since I'm leading my league by a bit I feel I can wait a little and dont need to sell low on some struggling guys but of course not everyone of them might turn it around.

    Thanks, dominik

  2. 10 hours ago, SpartyOn4 said:

    There are definitely reasons not to bring Kieboom up. He's not the greatest defensive SS and that probably won't be his eventual MLB position. He struggled at AA last year and could maybe use some more time in the minors. And the timing isn't real great as far as service time considerations.

    But on the other hand, Kieboom crushed the ball in MLB spring training and obviously has far more offensive upside than Difo or anyone else they've got. And the Nats have shown a willingness to be very aggressive with top prospects - see Soto last year, and Luis Garcia starting in AA at 18 this year.

    It's an interesting decision either way.


    Imo nats should bring him up. Not a great SS but can play there and better bat than difo. As for the service time they still can send him down for two weeks later in the season. Sure he could force the nats to not do that by raking like Soto but that is not super likely and even if it is this is not the end of the world, but more likely at some point he will have a slump that warrants a send down.


    The nats just can't afford to give up any more ground with the phillies being improved after adding Harper, realmuto and segura and the Mets being better again too.

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  3. Hey guys, I need your help. I play in a 10 team league with a little strange format. We lost two teams so league captain decided do add more hitting spots to not make as many good players available.


    We have 1 c , 1b, 2b, SS, 3b but also one 1 IF, 4 OF and two util spots. pitching we have 3 SP, 3 RP and 4 P spots. 6 bench spots. So the league is 10 team but might play more like a 12 team?

    We have head to head categories:

    H,R, HR, RBI,  SB, BB, AVG

    W, L, SV, hld, era, whip, 25 min innings limit


    Our league also starts next Monday because draft was yesterday due to a severe illness of a league member.


    Here is my team:

    c : realmuto

    1B: miggy

    2b: altuve

    3b: Ramirez

    SS: correa

    OF: Puig, schwarber, nimmo, conforto 

    Util: encarnacion,Robles

    IF: senzel (probably up soon if healthy again after all those reds injuries)

    Bench: Buxton,astudillo,dejong,kang

    SP: nola, mikolas,  ray

    RP: Chapman, Kimbrel (hope he signs next week), Iglesias

    P: Pressley, givens, boyd, Lester

    Bench: Reyes, Skaggs


    Any tipps? I feel my IF and C is very strong but OF kinda weak. Pen is also strong especially if Kimbrel  comes back soon but SP kinda weak. Where would you make moves to improve without sacrificing too much of the strengths?




  4. Definitely not sell him now in a dynasty as you would sell low. Wait for him to bounce back and then sell him if you are scared. Now he could start to decline but at age 30 I don't think he is in free fall yet. Now things like that have happened but I think you need to take your chance here and wait.

  5. I think it is albies. I think stats suggest he got a little lucky with the power  and that this will regress some but still even if he is only a 20 HR guy going forward he still probably is going to be a 290+ hitter with some pop and really good speed. Could become a Daniel Murphy with speed which is super good.


    Bellinger probably is a 35+ HR hitter going forward and he also offers some good obp and even a few steals but I think that his batting average will be more like 260 with his Ks and pull tendency limiting his babip. Now he actually improved his Ks to a good 22% this year but the contact peripherals don't support that improvement, his z-contact is even down 2 ticks, albeit he slight improved both his o swing and o contact. Still I don't see a 22% K rate sticking with a 75% z-con.

  6. Wouldn't do it. Soler is good but I also  think he faced a lot of lefties during his hot streak which was always his strength. His value is probably at a peak right now. I don't think he will regress to last year but probably some. Price could drop.

  7. Hey guys, I need some more help. I have schoop  coming of the dl  and now need to drop a player. It is mixed keeper league with h2h categories (h, r, rbi, hr, avg, bb, sb and w,l, k, whip, sv, hld, era)


    C: realmuto, barnes

    1b: zimmerman, bell, olson

    2b: jose Ramirez, adrubal, kingery, schoop

    Ss:lindor, asdrubal

    3b: jose Ramirez, moran

    Of:hoskins, betts, olson, kingery

    2 util, 2 bench



    Sp: nola, quintana, richards, ryu, luis castillo, mikolas

    Rp: osuna, madson, reed, hildenberger, devenski, harris, t. Hunter



    3 sp, 3 p, 3rp, 3 bench


    So who would you drop? One of bell and olson? Or kingery (would like to keep him in case he turns it around but would do it if needed).


    And what to do about osuna? Trade for a closer? Or tank savessaved which wasn't a strength anyway and strengthen holds which I'm good at so far? Im currently in last place although only the first month was bad and my team is coming aroud slowly.


  8. I think it is a bad sign for his attitude and work ethic if he gets discouraged by those things rather than seeing it as a motivation. Other guys have been pissed too by service time manipulations like for example kris Bryant but he responded by mashing and not by crying foul and sucking.



    I realize his babip is low and his k rate is ok but at 280 his babip also isn't super low and his ISO is currently well below average too. He needs to get over it and start ripping some extra base hits.

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  9. jose ramirez? he had a bad start but he is one of the best fantasy players out there and is  better than gordon because he gives you good average, 20 steals and on top also 25 homers. gordon is also good because he gives you the steals and a good average but I would prefer jose.

  10. I think first rounder with 5 keepers is definitely OK for him. Don't forget with 5 keepers in a team team league the top50 are already off the board so it is essentially a 5th round pick in a non keeper league. 


    I wouldn't draft verlander top2 rounds in a non keeper of course and in a dynasty getting a younger guy would be nice but he certainly should be worth 50-60 overall.

  11. I honestly don't see much in swanson. He isn't bad but he can't do anything special.


    K/bb isn't terrible but both slightly below average and  so is his iso.


    At 24/6/148 all 3 are below average. Admittedly not by much but still. It is improved but still not good. His hot streak was all babip.


    Now a shortstop with a 95 or so wrc+  isn't bad but there still isn't a special skill, just modestly decent across the board. 

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  12. Thank you. So lineup should be good enough for a 12 team? Would you hold on to bell and olson? Which if just one of them.


    Do I need try trade for an  ace? I was trying to focus on relievers due to the low inning limit, but it kills me in Ks and  wins, while holds and era were decent.


    Getting a double eligible pitcher would definitely help.



    Any other tips?

  13. BTW the winner of each category gets a point so it only matters whether you win a cat. not how. we also want to turn this into a keeper league with 6 keepers next year. also is a draft league without a budget, trade and pickups are allowed.

  14. Hi guys, I'm a new fantasy player. I actually have a couple years of reading and also a bit of research experience in sabermetrics but I'm still struggling a little bit getting the finer points of fantasy.



    here is my team in a 12 team mixed h2h league with:


    R, H, RBI, SB, HR, BB, AVG and IP (just 10 IP min per week), W, L,  SV, HLD, K, ERA, WHIP as categories. I actually lost all 3 of the 4 weeks so far with one tie so it is not starting well. have done well in ERA, WHIP, HLD and BB in hitting and  so-so in average, HR,SV, L, did really bad in RBI, R, saves, wins, Ks


    Here is the team


    C: realmuto, barnes

    1B: Bell, olson, zimmerman (waiver), hoskins

    2B: jose ramirez kingery, asdrubal cabrera (waiver pickup), barnes, schoop (DL)

    SS: lindor, A. cabrera

    3B:  jose ramirez, moran (waiver), A.cabrera

    OF: Betts, hoskins, olson, kingery

    Util (2 spots):  see above guys

    2 bench spots


    SP: quintana

    SP: G. richards

    SP: nola

    P: ryu (waivers)

    P: mikolas (waiver)

    P: Buehler (waivers, will be dropped again when sent down)

    RP: osuna

    RP: madson

    RP: devenski

    BN: harris

    BN: a.Reed

    BN: T. hunter (waiver)


    I will bench the excess starters on the days they are not starting (started doing that last week and it helped Ks and wins) and pitch the relievers on those days.



    what would you do? just ride it out (slow starts by the indians guys and quintana of course did not help)? or make some moves?

  15. bat is definitely ready. are they just waiting for super 2 deadline? or does his glove need some more time? could put him in an OF corner right now but they probably want to develope his glove at 3B. they say he has improved there but probably not quite mlb ready. might be a september callup. 


    his bat will be great, K/BB rate is great and power is also coming. could use a few less balls on the ground but that is really nit picking.

  16. I think he will hit 35-40 again but I think he is a 260 hitter or so. K rate improved but the z-contact rate is not supporting the 20%. also he is pulling the ball a ton and probably isn't a super high Babip guy. still a very good asset with the homers, good team (RBI and runs) and solid OBP due to the walks. he could be a new adam dunn. this sounds like an insult because dunn was so bad in the end but in his 20s dunn was really good hitting 250 with a 400 on base and 40 bombs.

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