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  1. Rizzo has lower than average K rates, his BA is just not great because he pulls into the shift a lot and also because he hits a lot of fly balls.
  2. This. Rizzo is a great real life player with his walks and defense but in fantasy abreu is pretty similar. Both will give you around .30 HR and abreu actually has a little better BA upside because Rizzo has very good K rates but is a lowish babip guy due to his pull tendency (shift). Steamer projection (rest of year) Rizzo 273/386/517 26 hr, 79 rbi Abreu 291/352/520 26 hr, 81 rbi So they are basically identical in fantasy albeit Rizzo has slightly less health risk. Real life of course is a little different.
  3. It is close but I would take chapman. Suarez is also really good but he has to come back from injury. Chapman really improved his plate discipline, both Chase rate and contact rate are up 6 ticks, so his improvement in K rate could probably stick. At 21/21 k/bb he could be a star.
  4. Wouldn't do it. Nola is really good, projected for a low 3s era and almost a K per inning. Moncada has improved but he still is a high K low average guy. Acuna probably won't do a judge but I think he can be solid giving you 15 homers, a 270 avg and 20 steals. Is that much worse than moncada? Now springer is clearly better than schwarber but Kyle still will give you 35 HR, 100 rbi and a 250 avg or so. Rosario is solid but I think last year was a fluke, .265 and 20 HR is more realistic.