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  1. Looks like he finally found his way. Maybe I can get him at a discount next year.
  2. Good stats with a bunch of K's last 4 starts. Teams are barely getting any hits off him.
  3. The Seahawks in the Carroll era don't strike me as stubborn at all. They've made it known any player can fight/win the starting job regardless of name recognition/salary/draft ranking. They've routinely traded down/given up their first round picks and are confident in being able to find the right type of a players for their system in later rounds. They've also drafted second round picks that were projected as 5th/6th rounders because of what they see in the player. Thus the 1st round rookie tag doesn't mean as much as you might think. Carson could absolutely be their 20+ carries guy all year as long as he keeps performing but he needs to keep the turnovers down. I think he had multiple fumbles in preseason and one yesterday.. One of the two will emerge..or maybe a total wildcard will out of the blue
  4. Duffman ends his poor season with a 0.2 IP loss. Too bad since he showed signs of life last month. Better luck next year.
  5. Where is the turd emoticon to discuss Cody Allen?
  6. Yea a whopping 1.1 inning workload last week with no saves. Had to rest I suppose?
  7. Does it look like he changed his swing plane any higher?
  8. For $24 million a year I don't think that's a stretch
  9. Luis Castillo went 5IP on only 53 pitches? That's gotta be his most efficient game ever..Then of course rain delay.
  10. The funny thing is he's still trailing slightly in power numbers compared to his monster rookie season that got cut short in August
  11. Looked solid to me against the Yanks. Am I reading that a young pitcher that throws strikes and doesnt like to walk batters is a bad thing?
  12. For the win. Well I guess any pitcher vs the Orioles is a good strat but these guys havent seen a knuckleball in years if at all and he's pitching well.
  13. Duffman is back! It's smooth sailing from this game forward