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  1. Who are you talking about and what does that even mean?
  2. Why I love Kittle so much, outside of the fact that real life wise he is one of the most well rounded TE’s in the league. He is a straight dog in the run game and I think that’s partly why Shanny loves feeding him too. Besides all that.. We have seen multiple TE’s that have been red zone monster, but how many have we seen be this explosive? He mixes his 4.52 speed with his you ain’t F’n tackling me mentality and that has turn into multiple long run after the catch TDs. The last two years he has a long TDs of 62 and 85. That is ridiculous. A big play TE who is target 100+ on the year and is physical enough to be a red zone target.. mixed with a elite play caller and competent QB. He’s a dynasty dream and redraft easily worth a 2nd round pick this year imo. I honestly can’t believe this guy went in the 5th round of the NFL draft. That’s just embarrassing for all 32 NFL teams.
  3. That was F’n sweet. Sports are awesome.
  4. Yeah, I’m sorry I don’t even dislike the guy.. but there is no chance hell that Guice is a top 5 “running talent”. Barkley, CMC, Zeke, Chubb, Cook, Kamara, Hunt, Jacobs, Henry, Mixon are all EASILY ahead of him, just as talents. And that’s is even if Guice was/is somehow fully healthy. That’s also not even including ones I personally would also say Aaron Jones, Sanders, Gurley, and the rookies Clyde/JT etc. Oh.. and Gibson is for sure a threat.
  5. Derek Carr is getting drafted? That is overrated.
  6. Nah, kid. I sure don’t. Keep dreaming though.
  7. Yeah, you already made your idiotic case about how he should hold out because the Saints are in “win now” mode. Not going to break down how terrible of business that is again. It’s just a good thing you aren’t his agent. Or any RB agent at that.
  8. Insert Michael Scott banging the table saying “THANK YOU” gif here
  9. The Saints won when Kamara was banged up last season and I would bet they would be doing the same to start 2020. Currently, the Saints first 7 opponents include the Raiders, Lions, Chargers, Packers, Bears, Bucs and Panthers. A couple good teams for sure.. but a lot of winnable games minus for that roster minus Kamara for sure. I love Kamara and think he’s earned new money. I also hate the Taysom Hill deal. But the current system is just flawed with how teams can easily keep RBs drafted in the 2nd round and beyond cheaply for 5 years including the franchise. Holding out doesn’t help change much. Almost all Rbs aren’t going to have enough leverage when holding out. That’s why Zeke got very lucky that Jerry caved. I think the only position that would be really scary or holding out is QB.. which I think Jerry obviously knows too and is why he signed Dalton. Saw this play out with Leveon season long.. and Melvin Gordon for a couple games. I do hope he threatens to before the season and they do pay him, but I think that’s unlikely. Holding out games would just make it tougher to ball out again and I unfortunately don’t think it will enforce the “pay me” deal.
  10. I don’t think Ty Montgomery is all that good at this stage of the game.. but I can’t help but think that might be the Saints way of getting some “Kamara might hold out insurance”. They obviously still have Latavious to bang in between the tackles.. but Ty as a ex-WR would be at least above average running routes and catching the rock out of the backfield. Kamara hasn’t hinted at holding out and I’m not all too worried. But personally that Taysom Hill contract would have pissed me off if I were him and he is making peanuts this season in the last year of his deal. I know the ideal for the Saints is tag him next season, but Alvin also has to know that same thing. I hope he/his agent are smart enough to not hold out any games but the whole thing looks kinda sketch from the outside looking in.. even regardless of the little Montgomery signing.
  11. Yeah... that might be one of the dumbest comparison I’ve ever seen lol. There is not a shot in hell Guice is even close as talented as Cmac.. especially in the passing game. Thanks for sharing!
  12. I like Gibson.. and I actually like that there is the AP, Guice etc. there because it will hopefully help keep his ADP down to more of a late round steal. Like you said, I think he can make an impact regardless. But I also don’t think Guice can stay healthy and AP is obviously in his Frank Gore type days. I can easily see him eventually turning into the lead horse this season. If those other guys weren’t hanging around that backfield, Gibson would be drafted up in the range of Akers type for sure.
  13. Well, looking at better news here in a fantasy forum. Seems like the NFL is planning on pumping in crowd noise and using virtual fans. I don't care for either of those, just makes me feel good knowing they are still planning on playing football this fall. Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is the director of the National Institutes for Health, underscored the level of uncertainty when he told Peter King of Football Morning in America it is "feasible" the NFL could play to empty stadiums or perhaps with limited attendance: "I think it's feasible that negative testing players could play to an empty stadium. Is it guaranteed? No way ... There will be virus out there and you will know your players are negative at the time they step onto the field. You're not endangering ... Also, if the virus is so low that even in the general community the risk is low, then I could see filling a third of the stadium or half the stadium so people could be six feet apart. I mean, that's something that is again feasible depending on the level of infection."