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  1. Tight End’s also line up in the “slot” all the time. I think the TE designation was idiotic as well, but the snap breakdown can still lean toward TE as much as WR. They would be wrong putting either.
  2. Nah, they can catch me at Joe Mama’s house.
  3. Don’t want Hill at TE on my team? Hell, the commish is going to have to come take him out.
  4. I’m looking to get hurt again tomorrow.
  5. Well, I came in here just hoping to get a vibe on how this group was feeling about AJ for 2020.. and I surprising found that this young, pretty hyped dude doesn’t even have a 2020 thread yet. So here we are... After going 52 catches for 1052 yards and 8 TD in 2019, he had a strong case for offensive rookie of the year. Coming off of a year where he busted a bunch of long catches and runs, I can see there being some regression built in.. but I just love the player (favorite WR in last year draft) so much I don’t think I’m personally even adding that in. I think he is really just that good. The fact that the Titans brought back Tanny and didn’t pick up Corey Davis 5th year option for 2021.. I think the Titans realize Brown is the #1 and will be elevated even more this season as they build around him and let Corey Davis hit the streets next offseason.
  6. Workhorse RB with track speed (4.39). I absolutely love the landing spot with the Colts. Marlon Mack is a good back but nothing too special and injury prone. Elite offensive line and should be very good offense with Rivers. Also, very good HC and GM. Redraft and Dynasty I likey.