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  1. 3 minutes ago, The G Man said:


    We'll see dude. It's all just speculation. You seem to hold Dillon in very high regard, which is cool. I like him too (see thread starter). But, you don't know how it's all going to play out any more than the rest of us. 

    Nah, I really don't even think he's that great of a player. He is an above average vision back that has monstrous size. I just think if Vegas had a line for who the leading back will be for the Packers with only Jamaal Williams and AJ Dillon, I think it would be like -450 for Dillion. I am just talking common sense with about where he is drafted and his size. This is of course in addition to looking very solid last night. This is also with the Packers knowing exactly what they have in the hypothetical scenario that they do resign Williams. He has gotten some bigger usage with Jones out in the past, but there is no way they would throw him into a lead role, or at least plan a season ahead that way.   

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  2. 4 hours ago, mehtavg2000 said:

    In a keeper league, I was planning to drop him.  Now I'm going to have seriously rethink that.  He could gain a lot of value again in QS leagues.  


    Not really sure why most wouldn't keep him regardless, I couldn't name 12 other starters I would rather him. I know the risk with injury or whatever but people almost forget his CY Young season that was only two seasons ago. If the Padres let him at least go 6-7 innings in games, which I would imagine they will, he's going to be a top 8 pitcher to me in any format. 

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  3. 1 minute ago, The G Man said:

    I think GB will resign one of Jones or Williams in the off-season. Most think it will be Jones that walks, but it could be Williams. An argument could be made that Jones and Dillon form a more complimentary tandem. Either way, I can see Dillon taking on the J. Williams role in 2021 to whichever back they extend.

    He will have more value if he earns more/most of the inside the 5/goal line snaps. 


    If they do resign Williams.. AJ won't be "taking on the Williams role". Williams would be staying in the Williams role. 

    The guy is a horse and the Packers drafted him in the 2nd to be the man. I love Jones and think he's great with Arod, but they are letting him walk and this dude is going to be the lead back. 

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  4. 45 minutes ago, 33legend said:



    10 team but it's a strange format in that we can keep people forever or as long as we want, but we are limited to 10 players to keep and a max of 5 at a position.  My other WR are AJ Brown, ARob, and DJ Moore.


    I'd still keep OBJ over Juedy and Chark might be reallllly nice with Trevor Lawerence. 

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  5. 2 hours ago, Boudewijn said:

    Might actually be good for Waller, especially in PPR.

    Yeah I’m not so sure about that. Carr is not good. His stat line have looked pretty solid in a few games, but I think it’s very misleading in comparison to watching every game. He had one solid game agains the Chiefs earlier this year when they were red hot, besides that they haven’t been good. 

    He is a smart QB. He knows how to operate Gruden’s system, making checks and get them into a good play, mostly running the ball. But the dude really can stretch the field at all and he’s conservative to a fault and it gets so ugly. I could see that continuing for him vs a Flores D. Carr’s play has especially gone down hill with his games vs the Falcons where they got blown out, and his Jets game where they should have lost. 

    Don’t get me wrong.. Mariota isn’t a great by any means. But I do think his movement ability gives their offense a better chance to move the football and he was pretty accurate down the field with Waller. 

    I know you weren’t banging your chest or anything for Carr being a good QB lol.. I just had to use this opportunity to explain why I hate watching Carr play most of the time.


  6. 3 hours ago, Eaglesflyhigh11 said:

    I doubt he'll reveal his plans. It's almost like an injury , it could happen or it might not. If it was week 17 I would understand the fear. 


    Again, it isn't fear. It is logically thinking if it would actually make enough sense to sit guys given the Chiefs current circumstances, and planning ahead if possible since it is waiver night in most leagues. I don't plan on sitting my Chiefs and I sure as hell hope there is no rumblings of sitting anyone all week. It is the championship week, so no stone left unturned for me.  

  7. 56 minutes ago, Eaglesflyhigh11 said:

    Yeah Andy did but that was 16 years ago and week 17 was week 17. So I wouldn't take much from that. 

    If you wanna bench your chiefs then bench em. If I had mahomes Kelce or Hill I wouldn't be even considering it. I do have CEH but that decision was made for me

    I don’t think anyone is saying they are benching any of those guys. It’s Tuesday. 

    I don’t want it to happen and I don’t think it should. But point of this discussion is valid.. not that you should panic. But just in the sense that you should plan ahead just in case. 

    Also, this is the rare time where a coach has been in this exact situation and done the exact thing we are fearing. So think what you want about the hypotheticals, but I’m not being caught with my tail between my legs come Sunday morning. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Eaglesflyhigh11 said:

    The chiefs will play everyone. Calm down lol. Andy doesn't play that bs stuff

    I’ll repeat myself from last page.. because Andy does “play that bs stuff”. From your logo, you’re an Eagles fan though.. so I guess you’d also remember. 

    In 2004, the Eagles coached by Andy Reid clinched the #1 NFC seed with 2 games remaining. In Week 16, Reid played the starters on the opening series of the game (the Eagles scored a touchdown on that series) but pulled the starters after that.

    He also rested the Eagles' starters in their Week 17 game. The Eagles won the NFC championship that season.

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  9. In 2004, the Eagles coached by Andy Reid clinched the #1 NFC seed with 2 games remaining. In Week 16, Reid played the starters on the opening series of the game (the Eagles scored a touchdown on that series) but pulled the starters after that.

    He also rested the Eagles' starters in their Week 17 game. The Eagles won the NFC championship that season.

    Sooo I’d say based off that, it’s not looking good. Especially after they just lost Clyde this last week. Andy Reid that same year lost T.O. in week 15, that’s partly why he pulled the week 16 & 17 deal. Sucks to have rode the Mahomes + Tyreek stack to this point. 

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  10. 33 minutes ago, ajs723 said:

    Dead serious, if you're setting the over/under for receptions 9.5? 10.5? How high would you go? He's going to get fed targets all game. 

    Without looking I’d guess Vegas would have him at his O/U on catches at like 7.. and I would bet my house on the over.

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  11. 20 minutes ago, umphrey said:

    I too want Brees back but Taysom was better last week

    Yes he was better because he had 7 catches compared to the 2 and 1 catch games before. But a still rib cage tender Brees would be very nice.

    They wouldn’t have Brees back unless he was healthy enough to be effective.. but he also wouldn’t want to be getting smacked, so a 9 catch type game would be on the dockett for this dude. 

  12. 3 hours ago, Cdub2k said:

    I'm pretty sure it is showing now. It's all over the news how that play swung millions of dollars in the degenerate gambling circuit. 


    The play swung gambling lines for sure because it was -3/-3.5 going into the game, so that played covered for the Ravens. But for fantasy it still never showed anything negative for Landry. I think they scored it as a fumble recovery for him 

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