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  1. Thoughts on this guy in deep leagues? Think he was highly thought of going into last year His xFip looks good and he’s had 3 nice starts; last night, had the QS wrapped up against Kershaw and LA, but Maddon ran him back out there and he gave up another run faces the Giants next week anything to see here?
  2. Never mind. It’s Luis...perdomo. smfh
  3. And Patiño, who was speculated to open on Tuesday, just threw 1.2 innings in relief today (49 pitches) so yah, maybe Gore time! TBD
  4. I don’t see an updated blurb. Where do you see it? Thanks! Edit: disregard. See it now.
  5. Could be in line for a call up with Soroka down
  6. No update from McTaggart yet (their top beat reporter). Still tbd...
  7. same. but, benched again tonight
  8. not starting tonight yet they go with Ildemaro Vargas???, Vogt!!!, and Lamb (barf)---smh.
  9. Their best writer suggested he may have followed Anderson today but if not, he was an option to start tomorrow. No one knows yet
  10. They’re not sold...yet https://www.pitcherlist.com/gif-breakdown-cristian-javiers-mlb-debut/
  11. When do you think he could realistically debut? I see so many mixed reports.
  12. July 29 https://www.mlb.com/news/jordan-montgomery-optioned-to-alternate-training-site
  13. Yes. See evan grant on Twitter
  14. Correct basically dead center from what I saw