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  1. Dude that's supposed to be all unearned, it was clearly error not sure why they gave deJong a double!
  2. Starting tomorrow against Miami at home. Also said to be limited to 70 pitches again... stream him?
  3. I started him lol. Not too damaging but not that beneficial either
  4. Hmmm double header after a PPD game in the morning, maybe low scoring...
  5. Im confused but I think I understand. Thanks!
  6. OMG cant decide if I should start him or not, need the Ks but ratios are tight. Help
  7. Yahoo says he's starting tomorrow. Is this like an opener thing or he can go 5+?
  8. Coz when they use it and play baseball they are like gg ez lol
  9. Is Pena for sure bulking tomorrow? still TBD. Thanks!
  10. Whats the rule for him to be called up for the 26th man? Yahoo saying he's gonna start Friday against the Jays, but if he's not pitching next week I wanna drop him
  11. Whats up with Pressly? Had a 8th inning chance today but didnt go, he had been off for the last 3 games
  12. Gave up another homer ugh. Been holding him. Although velocity looks fine and he didnt walk any. Should I keep holding?
  13. unearned (which sucks because he's against me this week) because there was 2 outs already before that 3 run homer