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  1. I'm not disregarding yardage lol. My whole point was that 60 rush yards for the QB does nothing for the rest of the fantasy players ie the receivers/tight ends on the team. Not sure why you can't understand that. I'm just saying this post doesn't exactly prove anything as it is up to your opinion. I would say both QBs in Week 15 of the original post had bad games yet you have them as having good games. Agree to disagree. Don't @ me. Stop taking every post in here so personally like you invented TNF.
  2. Oh it does. But 17 points from Deshaun Watson when drafted in the first 5 rounds is garbage. Whether a game is good or not is totally relative to what you expect from that player. Honestly you have a bunch of less than 20 point performances listed as "good games" but if Mahomes gets you 16 points your team is most likely screwed that week before kickoff on Sunday.
  3. One touchdown. Honestly who cares about all the other s---. One touchdown and a s--- ton of field goals is just another boring TNF game.
  4. Needed 13 points from Kirk Cousins to win a 100 person MNF/TNF contest on fanduel. ******** loser scores 11 points.
  5. Yeah I’ll just never be convinced that TNF games aren’t garbage. Added another one to the dumpster heap last night.
  6. Well I’m assuming the reason you are only using QBs stats is because they distribute the ball to the other players you might have on your fantasy team. In that example Deshaun Watson scored like 16 points and the rest of the team did nothing.
  7. Deshaun Watson 125 pass yards 0 TDs = good game
  8. Very surprised to see the price tag on that trade.
  9. That line had me dying. Underrated movie.