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  1. This pretty much says "my feelings on this subject are more valid than the rest of society's because I say so."
  2. Oh for sure, but that's MLB for you. The investigation started in November, so the 2nd rounder would've been from the 2020 draft either way. Not sure what difference the timing really makes outside of that.
  3. Eh... clearly I'm biased, but this sounds like a big ole nothingburger if you actually read even just a little bit about what went on: ESPN article on the punishment
  4. Fair enough, I will cede this off-topic debate after reading this gross article from 2009 about tennis player sweat. "Radek Stepanek used to pour out his shoes. His socks would be yellow." As in, he had yellow socks? "No, they were white. That's what made it disgusting." Sweat is a Serious Issue for Tennis Players
  5. NBA? That's true. Thought we were talking about tennis. Different playing surfaces. Plenty of people play sports, including tennis, without towels and don't get injured. I just don't see "towels" as being the logistical problem that prevents tennis from happening. Players can towel off what they need to towel off, and throw the towel in a bucket of bleach post-match. There are far more realistic logistical problems in resuming pro tennis than the towels.
  6. Is there any statistical or historical evidence to support this claim?
  7. Maybe they can play tennis without towels.
  8. You're worried more about the economy (a social construct, not a real actual thing) versus human lives. You're the one that's insane here.
  9. Chris Sale underwent Tommy John surgery today. His 31st birthday. He's currently expected to miss 14-15 months, which would bring him back around June next season.
  10. Agreed. I wasn't trying to disparage him. I'll take .260 from Alonso gladly. Just meant he's not exactly a BA star - he may not hurt you but he probably won't help much in that category either.
  11. Yeah I would be wary of overpaying for the career year too. Then again, those that already own him in keeper leagues are likely ecstatic to have bought in early. I know there was a juiced ball to account for, but he still led the entire league in HR as a rookie. His floor for HR in a full season is probably 30. With a decent offense around him he could be a 3-category star for years (tough to see him ever hitting .330).
  12. Lol that is the cheesiest John Wayne esque way of not making any point or sense whatsoever.
  13. Pedro Martinez. Watching him pitch in person was an electric experience. You knew you were watching greatness. From 1998-2002, before Sox popularity/attendance really peaked with the crazy 2003/2004 season finishes, you could walk up to Fenway the day Pedro was pitching and buy tickets at the gate. That was the pinnacle of my live-baseball-watching life.
  14. Basically with your argument, the Red Sox should've traded Pedro for prospects heading into the 2004 (instead of getting Schilling) season because the Yankees were better than them and he was an impending free agent. I'm glad Bloom wasn't GM of the Sox back then or the Curse of the Bambino might still be in existance. Although at least we'd have a lot of exciting first round/wild card game losses to bemoan!!!
  15. Even what the "best move" is, is relative though. Is it the best move to get 6 seasons of decent play (even this is not a given) out of 2 or 3 players, instead of 1 season of extraordinary play from one player? Sports is just entertainment, I find it more entertaining to watch as many seasons as possible of the highest quality play now, while I can. I guess I should be assuming that one of these prospects can replicate the value of one Betts season (highly unlikely) for even one season at any point in their careers, which is taking greatness for granted. If you prefer an everlasting cycle of "good but not great" then sure, teams should always trade their stars on the verge of free agency for younger, cost-controlled, unproven players. Congrats, now you are the Oakland A's. Angels are dummies for signing Mike Trout I too, I suppose. Everyone wants to strive to be like the Oakland A's ever since Moneyball, without admitting A. this strategy has never won the A's a World Series, or even a League Championship. B. encouraging this strategy is just buying into a narrative that owners shouldn't re-invest their profits into team payroll. There is no extra honor in winning a World Series the "moneyball" way. All it means is the rich owner of the team pockets extra profit out of a championship, as opposed to the players.