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  1. I get that TB are the underdogs, for good reason, and I usually root for the underdogs myself. But, LOL at picking who you root for based on who has the cheaper owner. Betts and Kershaw get paid because they have proven over and over that they are elite. Once they are rewarded for their production, we're supposed to root against them? Why applaud Tampa's owner for not spending on talent? Gotta have some weird-ash values to root for owners' pocketbooks over the actual talent that provides us with entertainment. Meanwhile Mookie was outside Fenway at 2 am handing out meals to the homeless last time he played in the WS. But yeah, now he dares to get paid more - eff him!
  2. Agree with this. And now Chaim Bloom is trying to spread the Rays' bland brand of baseball to the Red Sox. Meanwhile Red Sox fans have to watch the greatest position player to play for Boston in our lifetimes show how great he is, in the World Series, for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Go Mookie!
  3. Why peddle in falsehoood? Red Sox didn't cheat in the World Series. Astros, yes.
  4. I'd honestly be shocked. This was year 1 of a 5 year, $75 million contract. Why not Pedroia out his years rehabbing/on the DL with the occasional cameo where he throws 5 innings before getting hurt again? Makes more sense than walking away from all that cash.
  5. I like the new rules, as long as they keep the runner-on-2nd extra innings rule to the regular season only. I even hope they schedule in a few 7-inning doubleheaders for each team. It changes the game a little, sure, but every game evolves over time (see: vintage baseball) and adding in a little variety keeps things interesting. Every single professional sport we watch has evolved with rule changes over time, and being opposed to change just for traditions' sake ironically ignores the tradition of game rules changing over time.
  6. He's slumping big-time now. 3 hits (all singles) in his last 26 ABs with a 13/2 K/BB ratio in that span.
  7. In the last 7 days he's 8 for 23 (.348 avg) with 5 HR, 10 RBI, 2 SB, 12 R and a 10/6 BB/K ratio. Gonna be carrying some fantasy teams to championships these next few weeks.
  8. Another day, another Acuña leadoff HR.
  9. 3 HR in a doubleheader yesterday. Re-reading this thread is a good laugh. Here's hoping he stays healthy these last few weeks - already nearing fantasy playoff time!
  10. Uh oh. From Rotowire blurb: Supposedly he is healthy... but to skip a start after one bad outing? Strikes me as unusual.
  11. Could he possibly be dealing with Eduardo Rodriguez-like Covid complications? Maybe they thought he was ready to return but some lasting side-effect is holding him back.
  12. Bogaerts is already signed to an extension through 2025 at something like 20 mil per year.
  13. He has a contusion above his right eye after a foul ball ricocheted off the ground into his face yesterday. Yahoo shows him as DTD - I wonder if the Cubs will give him a night off tonight vs Jack Flaherty.
  14. Yeah, brutal. Gotta cut him some slack based on how he's pitched this season otherwise... hopefully just an off day. His next start is against Pittsburgh; if he struggles again in that one it'll be worrying, ROS-wise.
  15. Taken from a NY Daily News article about Garcia's outlook for the rest of the year. It sounds like they're willing to give him every chance to stick in the rotation from here on out.