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  1. 3 spots left. First come first serve. If you listen to the Trade Addicts pod, this is the league for you
  2. 12 team PPR TE Premium Dynasty Superflex. Buy-in: $20/yr, $60 upfront. Payments can be made through leaguesafe. Payouts: 1st-$160, 2nd-$60, 3rd-$20. Payouts will be dispersed by the end of the year (12/31). Slow Draft: 8hrs/pick. No autodraft. The point is to take your time. No rush. We have a ton of time before regular season. Make trades, but if your turn is up, and you're sleeping, no need to worry (hence no auto). Roster: QB,2RB,3WR,1TE,1FLEX,1SUPERFLEX,15BENCH,5TAXI 2 Startup Drafts (Vet & Rookie). As the league name indicates, this league is for active members that enjoy to trade. While trading daily is not mandatory, activity IS MANADATORY. Please join this league to work on the craft of trading and not just to draft the perfect team and sitting on it. DM me if interested. Platform: Sleeper
  3. interested wiltd1213@outlook.com when you say lineups lock weekly, can i still move guys from my bench to active?
  4. if there are a ton of folks that aren't able to get on this one, I'm happy to start up a new dynasty league on Sleeper. let me know if you're interested. likely a lower buyin. $20-$40. wiltd1213@outlook.com
  5. wiltd1213@outlook.com ESPN or Sleeper? chat app if ESPN?