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  1. The boomer deleted my post. They getting worried! 😂
  2. Does anyone think he’ll get DH eligibility?
  3. None of the 2017 Astros should make the HOF. Tbh... these guys will have killer book deals after they retire and write tell-all’s of what happened.
  4. An unsubstantiated rumor by someone looking for attention... he “walked back” on his claims too. Nice way of saying he lied and got caught.
  5. Keuchel said they didn’t cheat EVERY game. We need to cut them some slack.
  6. Calm down, there’s nothing wrong with players policing themselves. If you don’t like that then fine, but it proves you don’t like intricacies of baseball. Maybe look for a new sport? Second, it’s obvious you don’t watch international hockey. If something needs to be addressed they take it in their own hands. The only difference is the suspensions after the fact. Lastly, I think if every team threw at the lead off batter for the Astros it would send a clear message. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few of them lose out on money or career length after they caused the same to opposing players.
  7. Second place for the second year in a row after being the top seed. At least this time my team fell apart late instead of early on. RIP see y’all next year.
  8. Do we see him as a SP or RP when he gets the call in 2020.
  9. Should’ve gotten surgery to begin with. Now probably out for next year as well. RIP
  10. Yelich probably got scared of Vlad and took the easy “injury” way out. Not a bad decision but he’s more a product of the park and not a power hitter.
  11. Feel bad for Chapman. Not getting many good pitches.
  12. That’s Vlad Prime!! Good lord! He’s gonna be special.