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  1. Second place for the second year in a row after being the top seed. At least this time my team fell apart late instead of early on. RIP see y’all next year.
  2. Do we see him as a SP or RP when he gets the call in 2020.
  3. Should’ve gotten surgery to begin with. Now probably out for next year as well. RIP
  4. Yelich probably got scared of Vlad and took the easy “injury” way out. Not a bad decision but he’s more a product of the park and not a power hitter.
  5. Feel bad for Chapman. Not getting many good pitches.
  6. That’s Vlad Prime!! Good lord! He’s gonna be special.
  7. Bregman isn’t a power hitter. Good round tho.
  8. Wrong. You can clearly see his eyes track the play and make that split decision to intentionally hit Lucroy. The obvious path was outside and low so Lucroy would have to spin and tag. Dirty play that deserves the maximum suspension. You can see his body language afterwards. He knew he messed up.
  9. Huff with a 2 run HR to tie the game! Texas has some power to help Gallo out.
  10. Nate Pearson with 101 mph fastball
  11. Trammel stole home but the umpires got it wrong... dude is gonna be special when he gets the call.
  12. We have elite pitching making their way to the majors. Odds on the ALF team making it to the 2025 All Star team as a group? That team is stacked!