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  1. I remember when this same conversation was being said about Boyd last year people bought in late and missed out on a free wr2. The departure of Marvin Lewis makes this offense much more difficult to project out then people think. 50 pass attempts is clearly on the high side but if you look at the Bengals roster their strength offensively is their WR core and I don't think it's crazy to think that Dalton's gonna sling it plenty this season. Think now is the time to buy Ross would love him in my flex gives you that week winning upside.
  2. That game is in Miami which has been notoriously difficult for NE. I agree that I'll be playing him, but I do have concern that it will be a closer game then people think and NE won't be able to march the ball up and down the field at will. My league has just week 15 and 16 playoffs so different format for that.
  3. I think Sony is gonna have a strong run down the stretch here. Dion Lewis caught fire towards the end of the season last year. New England wants to be a run-first offense this year and as it gets colder they'll lean on the running game. My only concern is the matchups. Vs Minnesota isn't great and I project the gamescript versus the Steelers the first week of the playoffs will be dicey. Historically that matchup is pass happy and the Steelers D has been solid. Any thoughts on Michel's matchups and outlook over the next few weeks?
  4. I'm starting smith this week partly due to bye. I'm not that worried about it feel like a matchup with the rams is about as good as it gets as far as game script.
  5. It's a shame he had the opportunity and was on pace to have himself a big game.
  6. I'm thinking now might be the best time to trade chubb. What do you guys think? The hype train is real right now and if he puts up 13/42 people are gonna cool on him significantly...
  7. I think that Quan is tied to the better offense but Wilson has the chance to acquire a far larger share of the target share. Let me preface this by saying this is a huge if, but if Gase realizes that Wilson is one of the best weapons on the offense and this guy starts getting 8-10 high percentage targets a game then Wilson is going to be a much more dependable fantasy asset. Wilson has been making his money in YAC this year while Quan is more of a field stretcher. Even if Wilson doesn't break a long one what's his floor 4/40? 1/10 is well within the range of outcomes for Quan. Quan is exciting because he's a rookie on a Drew Brees offense. There's nothing flashy about Wilson, but he's simply produced when given the chance in the NFL. If Amendola goes down it'll get even sweeter for him.
  8. I would try to trade them in 2 for 1 deals with the idea of just picking up Wilson for free after. You won't get much but say Larry+a low end rb2 for a mid to high range rb2 then grab wilson.
  9. It's still awful quiet in here. It's been on chunk plays, but he's currently the WR20 in ppr. I think his floor is actually decent. Really think now is the time to pick him up if available if he blows up this week it'll be too late. I see him as that solid flex guy that can help get your team over the edge week in week out with one play. Loved him on KC and I like him now that he's got less competition. Different play styles but I see him as a tedd ginn on Carolina during Cams MVP season. Criminally overlooked and consistent fantasy producer. My hot take for the week
  10. He loves feasting on the Pats. I don't think he'll continue to see that amount of work in the pass game week in week out, but it was encouraging to see that if that game script is there his ceiling is incredible due to his dual-threat talent set. With that being said it's annoying they insist on using Ware Hunt should be seeing gurley type utilization in the offense. The fact of the matter is owning the starting RB on a top 3 offense is rewarding in fantasy. Good to see the arrow pointing up ROS for this guy after a slow start.
  11. Full pt ppr would you guys trade Drake and Aglohor for Breida. I know Bredia's hurt but at least he gets consistent work and touches
  12. The frustrating thing is they're 3-1. If they were 0-4 they'd can Gase by week 8. He's jeff fishering the s--- out of this. Just good enough to keep his job while still criminally underutilizing the talent on the roster. Sad!
  13. Boyd is one of those pickups that gets you a chip. Week in week out reliable starter ROS that people got off the waiver. Great floor with his market share and weekly TD upside it's beautiful..