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  1. Back to back years of 75 games so durability seems to be getting better. Post all star break numbers of 29.8 points, 11.8 rebounds, 2.1 assists, 2.0 steals, 3.5 blocks, 0.6 3, 52 FG% and 84.5 FT% Is he the number 1 overall pick this year?
  2. They all have 1 thing in common, they skip leg day.
  3. 3.49 xFIP and a 3.46 SIERA and no longer has to face the Red Sox? Been pretty solid this year other than his 8 run hiccup.
  4. His periphs suggest major regression is on the way and that his ERA is likely to climb into the mid 4s sooner than later.
  5. FIP 4.62, xFIP 4.79, SIERA 4.56 K/9 7.64. Taking a pass on this one. BABIP isn't going to stay at .213 much longer.
  6. Funny because it was literally reported he was heading to AAA when he returned from injury. Guess they lied. Also on a bright note, he homered yesterday.
  7. When I simply search, "Mejia" I see him just fine. No accent needed.
  8. Single, double, homer, walk 2 SB, Not a bad game for the leadoff hitter.
  9. I don't know. Sure you can use the excuse, "it was 6 years ago and he was 16 at the time of tweets" but I literally don't know a single person I went to high school with who said the kind of garbage Hader just got caught saying. I'm sure we will get one of those fake generic apologies soon that nobody cares about. And it's not only impacting Hader, it's already impacting his family. Pretty serious stuff now that's it's gone viral.
  10. Yeah, if you want to see some of the absolutely insane things Hader Tweeted, check out this person's account. He's in big trouble (at least in the public eye). https://twitter.com/kjen1327