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  1. So far outside of Goff everybody is having a a bad fantasy game.
  2. Because Sean McVeigh doesn't give a hoot about your fantasy team. Why are u invested in that mess of a backfield is the real question.
  3. Im speaking of rb1 as a projection. If you want to base it solely on points Kenyan Drake was on the exact same level as James Robinson coming into this week. Which is a ridiculous statement. It's about what yuu should expect going forward. Based on Robinson's bad defense, bad qb, and just overall trash environment it's reasonable to assume that he's gonna have some hiccups. And these rankings are based on the assumption of health. Injuries have nothing to do with them.
  4. Well I prefer the guy who gives you the higher floor and most consistent production. I'd rather go into the playoffs with that guy. Pretty much all weekly rankings agree with me that Conners is the better bet. And as I stated earlier, Robinson has been dominated by a couple bad defenses already. What's going to happen when he faces Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Baltimore in the final 6 weeks of the season. Even if you want to call him an rb1 currently, there's a good bet that he won't be by the end of the season.
  5. Lol. Finally someone who can do math. Was it really that hard? They're pretty much tied. Even though in my league Conner is slightly ahead. But the difference is that Robinson has been dominated and shut down on multiple weeks while Conner has been consistently viable week to week. . That's the difference between an rb1 and a n rb2...
  6. That's ridiculous. He played one quarter and got hurt. You can count that as a, whole game if you just want to lie to yourself. But it doesn't paint an an accurate picture.
  7. Please stop saying that and actually go and look at the stats. You're wrong. Lol
  8. It's common sense to ignore those. You can't count the game if he only plays in 1 quarter.
  9. There's no way that there's a 40 point difference when Conner has has had no bad games and Robinson has had several. Your math is simply incorrect. Go do it again.
  10. Robinson has had a few pretty bad games. Conner has had no bad games. Go do your numbers again. Mine are correct.
  11. In my league Robinson is at 140 through 7, games while Conner is at 102 through 5. Roughly 20 a week.
  12. OK. I thought u were talking total points. Who cares who has the most receptions. Lol. Talking about total production. Robinson has been stuffed badly on the ground by two very mediocre defenses. He faces Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, and Baltimore in 4 of his final 6 games. It's gonna get ugly for him. Sell high.
  13. Conner missed a game due to COVID. He's only played 5 games so far.
  14. Low floor obviously doesn't include when he's not on the field. Lol. Just make sure you have his handcuff.
  15. In my full point ppr they're both tied. You can't count conner's first game because he left after 1 quarter. Conner has had a higher floor tho. Which is what is most important in head to head. Especially come playoff time. No bad games like Robinson.