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  1. Too bad you only get the fantasy points in yearly intervals of 25.
  2. He ended up doing fine once they started feeding him late in the game. Not sure what to make of Brown getting so much run but McVay has to realize that if he’s healthy he needs to get touches.
  3. Top 25 rest of the season. He’s back.
  4. I agree, it’s not like I ever considered dropping. He just looks like Scherzer out there right now and I’m wondering if he stop his magic a la space jam.
  5. Who is this guy and what did he do with Bust Flaherty from the first half?
  6. Do you all think Pollock actually wants to play baseball, or nah?
  7. He looked vary sharp against a strong cubs lineup. Actually took a no-no into the 6th I believe. Starting to think he might've rounded the corner (I can be an optimist, right?).
  8. He's really picked it up lately. He looked good yesterday. Sharp movement on his breaking pitches and much better command and control. Could be an SP3 down the stretch.
  9. Honestly [Darvish has] made some big strides lately. Good movement and command with walks ways down. I’m hoping he’s really rounded a corner but even if he’s a 3.8 era guy, with these strikeouts I’m good with it.
  10. His whip is still a little high indicating that he's probably getting good luck to counteract the bad luck he got early in the year. The truth is he's probably somewhere in between the Flaherty of last year and the Flaherty of this year. I project him as a 3.8ish ERA, 1.2 WHIP 9.5-10K/9 kind of guy, at least if I was going to draft him next year that's what I would expect.
  11. He was simply dealing based on that statline. Didn’t have a chance to watch him at all but if he starts ringing people up with k’s he’s an even better asset than anyone could’ve hoped for.
  12. Please don't ruin your swing tonight dude. I need you to hit the dingers that count for me ROS
  13. Yankee stadium is like a video game launchpad after you get max upgrades on your franchise. These dudes could hit wiffleballs out of that park.
  14. If I had loaded dice I would be playing something other than fantasy baseball!
  15. Thinking about rolling the dice with him against NYY, but if there’s one team that gives you pause, it’s that lineup.