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  1. Just read where he is moving to the bullpen.
  2. Nope. Cease is not going to be startable in the post-season. His command is dreadful. However, he is also only 24 years old and he does have elite stuff. Sox need to continue to develop him, but Dunning should get the call over him so long as he continues to impress.
  3. Mind boggling isn't it. Choi did absolutely NOTHING, NOTHING (other than two good swings against Gerrit Cole) yet they not only ran him every day to the detriment of a far superior hitter in Nate Lowe, but they gave him prime placement in the batting lineup. For as brilliant as the Rays can be, boy were they stupid with this one. Fortunately, the RIGHT guy is now in place, no matter the circumstances that allowed it to happen. Big power, good hit tool, elite discipline.
  4. I love all 3 of these guys, but Nate Lowe is rising up the charts with a bullet. Another 4 times on base today. He is settled in now, is getting his swing in place. The average should be solid, homers and slugging should be outstanding and OBP should be elite. Senzel may be coming back from COVID and while many players have come back strong, others (Scott Kingery) just have never been right. Senzel, given his propensity to step on the one nail in a million acre woodpile, despite his elite talent, must be avoided. Baez I have more faith in that Senzel, but there are plenty of star players where 2020 look like a lost season and Javy appears he may be one of those guys.
  5. Good to see Senzel back. Would like to see him end season on a high note, it's clear [Akiyama] is no risk of taking his job, given health.
  6. 0-4 with 4 ks puts a damper on him and his K rate has really spiked this year. This is odd to me as nothing in his pedigree says he should be 30% plus K rate. In fact, Lowe looks like the rare masher who should have a K rate closer to 20%. Nothing to get alarmed about, I think he's still a terrific 1B option in dynasty circles.
  7. He showed a lot of grit after a terrible first inning. He had good, not great, stuff, which will play up as he commands better. My only concern was his fastball velo was in the 92 mph range, I read reports where he was 96-97 last year in the minors.
  8. Rays have been giving Nate Lowe a lot of looks, he broke out tonight. Hope this is the end of the Choi experiment, he's truly awful option as a hitter and has no place in the middle of any MLB lineup. He needs to be phased out.
  9. He was brilliant. Really only made a couple meh pitches and one got yarded. Welcome to the bigs kid. The kid looks something good. Truly remarkable having not pitched much in two years. I know he's a top prospects, but dayum, welcome to the show kid, now can you let up on us? LOL
  10. The line is still pretty damn good. A sub 1. WHIP, 7ks over 5, possible victory. Things got dicey and then a well overdue Merrifield took advantage. The kid regrouped and settled down. His mental toughness is what has me impressed. I am a White Sox (and Pirates since I live here) fan so this gives me no joy to see Cleveland rolling out another, what appears to be, special arm.
  11. Yea that was brutal, but you gotta LOVE how he responded to that. He mowed em down after. Nothing but props to him for manning up after, as you point out, a plethora of garbage luck. He didn't let it eat him up, stayed composed and has a chance for a Win.
  12. Imperfect timing, the dude has been a stud this year.
  13. They are called prospects for a reason. Dylan Carlson, who was all but enshrined in Cooperstown before his first MLB at bats has also struggled big time as he is proving to be an inadequate CF option defensively and his bat has learned he ain't in Memphis anymore. Same with Lux who shredded the softball PCL last year and now he finds facing actual pitchers in actual major league stadiums is a bit of a challenge. FTR-I think both will be good players
  14. Not to belabor it, but Freeland's performance tonight was pure balls to the wall. A joy to watch a pitcher just go fight. That's what Freeland did, knowing he's up against the prodigious Lamet. Total props to him.