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  1. Senzel was out, but back in, Moustakis now out.
  2. Kinda sucks. 30 team league we are playing our own division then one other "natural rival" from the other league. Six weeks of regular season then playoffs.
  3. I thought this was going to be the year Andrew Heaney really broke out, he hasn't struggled per se, just always injured never living up to his talent. I think he's right on the edge
  4. As much as I like KK, I think he's on the soft decline. He has a questionable hit tool, especially against lefties and I think he's heading for a platoon (albeit on the strong side) and late defensive replacement playing for a team who does a prime job of mixing and matching. He is a truly wonderful baseball player though and I hope like hell I am wrong, but giving him plenty of days off may lessen the wear on his bod considering just how relentless he plays.
  5. This!!! Those poor owners, won't someone think of the billionaires who agreed to a deal, claimed poverty while never showing the books. Players want to give us 114 games even playing games when it may not be seasonable. Owners say give them 48 games, we'll take our bag of money and bail. Awesome.
  6. Cooper may not get a chance if he was outside of Miami. That said, his track record is one of a very proficient hitter. Yes, he's not a 22 year old prospect, but I believe he could produce 2-3 quality seasons as a bridge to Miami's next contender. Fantasy managers also have to like the fact he has multi position eligibility.
  7. Indeed, it was a great story and underlies what we all think of Gwynn. If you are a baseball fan and you don't revere Tony Gwynn, then you're not a baseball fan.
  8. Tom Seaver and Carlton Fisk, As a White Sox fan I must say it was awesome to get them together on my team, even though Tom was toward the end (yea toward the end for Seaver was still 15 wins and a low 3s era), it was still awesome to root for Pudge and Tom Terrific together.
  9. He should have just said, "lots of moving parts, lets see how things shake out". No need to negotiate via the media. Just sit tight, play your video games, bargain for what you think is right and be done with it. Now he looks like a careless idiot who doesn't realize while he's "not getting his", there are people who now have no money, others will go bankrupt, the banks will eventually foreclose on people and others may even end up homeless, all situations Blake Snell doesn't need to worry with. Yes, it's annoying as **** to watch millionaires and billionaires whine about how rough their life is, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he just wasn't thinking and could have been far more understanding and diplomatic. Snell comes off as an idiot, but it's just one comment and I don't want to judge him by one stupid quote.
  10. Blake Snell comments in the very least were incredibly immature with impeccably bad timing, but he's still only what? 26? 27 and maybe in some of his haphazard comments are the same thoughts enjoyed by players NOT expressing those ideas that we fans otherwise lionize. So I'll keep things in perspective and just hope this plays out and we get baseball back soon. Even a modified Spring Training beginning in mid June has me excited.
  11. Has anyone mentioned Dodgers prospect Zach McKinstry? Low round draft pick, started to blossom last year, raking in Spring this year. Can play nearly every position.Roberts says wouldn't be surprised to see him get to LA this year, tall words considering how deep that team is. Look this kid up, could be a really useful player down the road.
  12. Haha. Never thought I'd see Jack Herman on these threads, at least not yet. This will be an interesting year for him, would love to see the Pirates assign him to A+
  13. Jeter Downs over-rated on this list. No way would I take him over Kopech, Pache, Rogers and about 10-12 other guys.
  14. Maybe not, but if you struggle in one division you are probably not moving up to the next one,no matter what the excuse is. He will not break camp with NYY.
  15. No. He was not very good in AAA last year, the kid needs more time. Good talent, but the Yankees won't rush him. That SP 5 will come down to Louisiaga (sp), King and Cessa in my view.
  16. McMahon is the better bet, Hampson is a punch and judy hitter, some of the weakest hard rate contact in the league.His speed will get him on the field, but you have to take advantage of Coors by putting guys in the lineup who can drive the ball.
  17. Love this pitcher, the talent is real, the upside is immense, he has ace level talent and makeup, he's a high character, charismatic, intelligent kid who has star potential in every sense of the word. However, the is also risk. His injury he had last year is often a precursor to TJS. He came back and pitched well, so maybe that was just an isolated scare, or evidence Glasnow will struggle with durability concerns.
  18. Actually a really good idea. They've been linked to damn near every 3B this off season and have only Todd Frazier to show for it. Frazier is a solid pro, but he's winding down. May be the perfect situation. Grab Senzel, get his arm strength built up and move him to 3B when he's ready and slide Frazier across the diamond. However, Cincy isn't going to trade him just to trade him. And Texas doesn't really want to compromise their bullpen (possibly a need for CIncy) with their improved rotation. Andrus may be of interest but then that leaves Texas - a SS and none of Senzel, Odor or Solak really project to that position.
  19. Best thing for Senzel is to be traded to a team that will simply install him at 2B, unless they felt like he should goto his college position (3B) which would probably require getting his arm strength up. Either way, Senzel has a ++ hit tool, stick him in one spot and see if that hit tool can come alive. Cleveland one of the rumored dance partners doesn't really need a 2B, 3B or even a CF. I'd hate to see them get Senzel then stick him in LF.
  20. Damn. Been talking about a deal for Senzel in my fantasy league (Clint Frazier would be going the other way, plus some other smaller pieces), but I am beginning to think Senzel is part of just as big of a circus as Frazier is.
  21. Castro is a solid catcher, LAA needed to make the move to get a C.
  22. I suppose you could do worse than Dahl and Blackmon on the corners. But this team otherwise has downgrade written all over it. Not sure what Hampson's numbers were in CF, but he certainly has the speed.
  23. I think too much to determine for this team to figure out what Hampson is going to be. Honestly, I think the Rockies are close to being a bottom feeder. They've got pricey aging players (Murphy, Desmond, maybe even C-Nasty), only two remotely decent starting pitchers, a bullpen that lacks depth and a farm system with zero in the way of immediate hope (unless you count Rogers). They also have nothing at catcher and questions on the OF corners (though Dahl is a nice player when healthy). The Rockies positively stink. They have some nice young infielders (Story, Arenado, Mcmahon, Hampson and Rogers), but zilch elsewhere. NO WONDER they are shopping Arenado. They know the clock is ticking. The pitching staff, even with Gray and Marquez, is easily the worst in the division. I wouldn't give up Nolan for nothing, but if you can get a couple young SPs and a cornerstone outfielder (think Kyle Wright, Bryse Wilson, Drew Waters/Christian Pache) you gotta think about doing it.
  24. Health is the only issue, his injuries have been nagging, didn't he injure himself doing maintenance on a toilet or something? Put the kid in a bubble and let him slay.