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  1. This years a wash for us. Even if they announced baseball was starting in a week, there's too many unknowns. Some players may not show. Ballparks are completely different. The season may end on a dime. We might do a just for fun,no money, non keeper this year and everything from 2019 carries over to 2021,keepers, draft order,traded picks.
  2. Not that it matters to any point that anyone's making. Canada isnt really spread out at all. Approximately 90% of the population lives within 100 miles of the canada/usa border. Almost like an Egypt/Nile kind of thing. For what it's worth,I havent seen or heard of any significant protest at all. That guy in Vancouver gathered like a dozen people. I could be wrong, but I'm not feeling that sentiment. There ARE a lot of idiots here though, maybe just not as organized. We've been pretty much "stay at home" since st.patricks day.
  3. Very well said sir. Just checked out the pictures in the link above by shakestreet. I didn’t see many “I lost my job” type of signs, granted, there were some, but a lot more “I have rights!” Whether I agree or disagree with that thought process, I can understand the rationale behind those. The ones that I just don’t get are the “it’s a hoax” ones. who exactly is in on this hoax? The media? Amazon? Governors that drafted Chris sale in round 2 and want to re do their fantasy drafts?
  4. Yup, I just saw the video of people returning to the beach. It was like the spring breakers video from a month ago, but this time with adults. As an aside, I love how the mayor calls going to the beach is an essential activity.
  5. Girls would social distance themselves from me in high school. Could never figure it out.
  6. I'll only share my answer about the app. I like it from the point of view as almost like an ankle bracelet for people that are supposed to be quarantined for 2 weeks. It would be more for authorities to see if people that MUST be staying home arent. My neighbours came back from a trip and immediately got into their car and went somewhere the next day. The concept of "please self quarantine for 2 weeks' always seemed like something hundreds of thousands of people wouldn't do Mind you,I dont know what would stop people from just leaving the house without their phones.
  7. Kind of similar to the one you put up, but thought you might like this if you haven’t seen it https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/phillies/mlb-plan-regular-season-may-june. personally, im against the idea, and still see a lot of problems, but sports woul be nice. I don’t think I’ve ever been as exited for an nfl draft before.
  8. Eventually, my best guess is that we will be able to live as openly as we did before. It took awhile for life to get back after 9-11, and there were some permanent changes. Eventually things like going to games or riding planes became just as normal as before. I agree with JE7 in a sense that things like more hand washing, coughing into sleeves, and improved supply chains and delivery systems. It will take work and effort, But hopefully it’ll be better than before in some ways. I also agree with markdash, that this time will come at some point in 2021, with incremental improvements until then along with possible new lockdowns that will be less panicky and be better prepared for.
  9. That’s one way the under equipped healthcare workers could get their equipment.
  10. In canada, Curling kept on going for like 2 weeks after every other sport stopped. Still couldnt watch it.
  11. There's no sports on.....we gotta have SOMETHING to watch.
  12. With respect to the above quotes, A bit of good news. This is one of the extremely few positive stories I’ve read. It’s from reputable media source in Canada. https://www.cp24.com/news/we-ve-seen-a-flattening-b-c-measures-appear-to-have-slowed-the-increase-in-covid-19-1.4871868 for those that don’t want to read it, it suggests that British Columbia is showing strong trends of flattering the curve similar to South KoreA. The success is attributed to effective social distancing and preparing for it as if it would be a worst case. Perhaps it took a little fear mongering to ensure people were actually distancing themselves properly. Hopefully we’ll see more of these types of stories pop up so that we can hold this thing down long enough for the big boys to come in and punch it in the face with a vaccine. stay safe everyone,
  13. They use baseball bats in Narcos. That was a good series.
  14. Walmart here takes 2 weeks for groceries. I found another one that takes 3 days. Which is acceptable. First time for me too. They give you a scheduled drop off time. Guy got out of his car wearing gloves...dropped it on my porch.I wiped everything except for produce with a lysol wipe. Put the groceries away,then washed my hands like a killer trying to get blood off of them. Just the new normal for me.