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  1. I agree with most of the others. Luzardo MIGHT turn into what castillo actually IS. No need to keep prospects for the sake of keeping prospects. Castillo over luzardo, machado over robert and giolito as the extra guy for me.
  2. Fascinating player to me. 32 year old coming off an absolute monster year, leading the league in RBI. He is a plus in 4 of 5 categories (in avg., leagues since he rarely walks.) Aside from one injury outlier, has been extremely durable, getting over 600 ABs like clocks work. He has been putting up .280, 30, 100 type numbers as seemingly a floor. Doesn’t strike out much for a guy that put up very good power numbers. Steamer projects him as a .275/.332, 32,100. First base is pretty weak, especially with goldy and Hoskins dropping off. He is fascinating to me because of how little love he gets. I just don’t get it. Anthony rizzo, was going in rd.1 for years because of consistency (and of course a few more steals, but nothing great.). Abreu was the 10th ranked 1b for 2020 in the cbs podcast, he went in round 8!? of the roto world mock on this forum. These are knowledgeable baseball people here, more knowledgeable than me. I’m by no means an expert, but this guy is sticking out to me big time everywhere I look. I know he doesn’t walk or run, but what am I missing with this guy?
  3. This guy has been a draft day target, over reach type of guy for me many times. I too have always been enamored with his frame and his stuff. The injury history seems to point to bullpen. I’m interested if he earns a starting job. Likely won’t have to draft him in most leagues.
  4. Even with a flip of 3.7, at 195 adp that’s some serious value potential. I wouldn’t be comfortable with him as an sp3, but I’d be over the moon if I waited until 195 (even 155) to get my third sp and he was there.
  5. I was pissed my team didn’t beat that offer too. On the flip side, there has to be a reason for that right? Safe to say mlb teams have more intel on players than we do. The fact that no one offered more than a very underwhelming package is a bit of a red flag.
  6. Not for playoff pools....that would throw things totally off because of the large number of guys that would be eliminated. Same would happen in baseball. Maybe goalie wins or shutouts are counted.
  7. Hockey is perfect for playoffs because there are only 2 things to record, goals and assists. There’s also 16 teams. No way anyoneone is gonna make a spreadsheet for things like .whip. If you get a small number of people, like 4 or 5, to make sure veryone gets a cut of each team and make sure teams are huge, like 15 players, I suppose you could make things somewhat interesting by counting ONLY homeruns and steals (no pitching.) not even close to regular season, but it could work.
  8. A .475 .babip??? Thats absurd! Sonis the 60% lob. Thanks for the post, this at least raises an eyebrow for me.
  9. Depending on league type and number, rd.10 seems awfully ambitious and like a pretty big reach. McMahon probably did more to earn a spot than Hampson did this year. Brendan Rogers is the crown jewel, higher upside prospect than either of them and can’t be ignored. The path to playing time simply isn’t there for him to be anything more than a later round lottery ticket, even if he is anointed the starting 2b before your draft (an unlikely scenario as is.) October posts seldom age well however, so who knows?
  10. 1) make sure to use all your innings and games played. That’s an absolute must. 2) don’t draft closers early. Instead, Throw a bunch of crap at the wall early and see what sticks. This has worked without fail for me for 6 years. 3) avoid puzting around with holding the “minor league star” that may or may not come up this year (if it’s non keeper.) if it’s a huge blue chipper, it’s fine, or if there’s a reliable source that says otherwise. 4) a day in the middle of May counts for just as much as the last day of the season. This past year was so close that any of 1 less win or 1 less sb would have cost me a lot of money. Don’t get lazy. 5) try to make your team better wherever possible, whenever possible. 6) use a non closing reliever to help your ratios. That small, free player could move you up a few points. They’re easily replaceable in an injury run, and more likely to make a difference than a second catcher. 7) if you have a fairly replaceable/non used guy on the roster and a guy gets a sudden callup or a surprise guy gets a save....grab now and ask questions later. 8 ) everyone on the roster should serve a purpose. 9) use this forum 10) when in doubt, just see who the orioles are playing and adjust accordingly.
  11. Very tough. I’m leaning towards cutting judge. His numbers aren’t that eye popping, even extrapolating over 155 games. He seems like a guy that’s gonna get injured. Those 6’6, Uber muscle guys tend to. I don’t know enough about how valuable he is in the 7x 7 though. If yordan is util only, he gone.
  12. He’s the type of guy I’d love for my penny pinching, excuse making jays to take a chance on.
  13. Jose abreu is my round 6 standout. One of the most underrated fantasy players in my opinion. How such a safe guy at a shallow position could ever go before a closer baffles me. Round 6 seems early for closers and catchers. Both have a tendency to flame out spectaculArly and if you draft them this high, it’s hard to let them go. This is also the round (at least for me in my drafts) where picks tend to start to fail (for everyone, not just me). Which is why I would have liked to see rounds after this. edit: just noticed Ohtani as batter and hitter as one player. That’s seems low to me. That’s so valuable.
  14. Amun chance we can see more? I’m loving these, and loving other peoples’ Takes.
  15. Surprised to see rizzo go after a no running goldy, and especially muncy and of course gurriel. Is he just so boring/lack of upside that he just gets passed? Same thing for Bryant. I like the boring, safe picks this early. These guys are still pretty young. Am I missing something obvious with these 2.