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  1. just in time for people to draft him.next year.
  2. That's absolutely absurd. Safe to say I've never had a day close to that good in my life,let alone from garbage streamers (except galen.)
  3. I'm in 6th place in a roto, about 34 points behind 1st. Had a legendary awful year. Won't stop grinding, never do.
  4. What are the keeper rules? Without further information, this looks like a great deal for you.
  5. Too bad that IL stint never came. This guy is worse than awful.
  6. Robles, has as many steals this year as Alejandro Kirk had last year in the minors. Robles is a 23 year old centerfielder who had 28 steals last year. Kirk is a 5’8, 265 pound catcher.
  7. Great call. Took a shot....didn’t work...Rays are hard to own.
  8. Huh? He had a mid season slump? When? The one time he didn’t pitch an absolute gem?
  9. "The brewers scored 15?? Finally Hiura, you did something! It took you awhile, I've been keeping you in there knowing you'd reward me. Now to just check the boxscore and........#^#^$$&!!!!!!"
  10. Not insulting at all. I'm way too stubborn myself to trade a third overall (1st?2nd?) Pick for 2 guys that were free but others may not be. Yeah,probably gets rejected though.
  11. Ooops...i should articulate better. I meant "does anyone think the braves will sign puig?"
  12. Are you talking about the athletes or the people that post on this Thread? 😜
  13. I think he would bat leadoff for the jays and everyone else would get pushed down one. It works. Jays don't steal as much, the still do,but the rest of the stats should improve.
  14. A lot of stuff has happened over the past 6 months. I'm super curious, has that commish made any moves?