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  1. Im not running this league but joined and trying to get it going. Only 4 guys so far so not sure if it would make 16. You can ask commish if they are willing to cap it at 10 or 12. but need people first.
  2. Well Luisangel Acuna should literally be the next Acuna. Noelvi Marte is a guy but after reading his current CBS blurb he is not much of a secret anymore.
  3. What do you guys think are the biggest surprises in Keith Law's rankings. I saw in the Daniel Lynch thread his has him at 13 which is pretty aggressive. (also yes this a shameful attempt to bypass paid content).
  4. SP Franklin Perez Det could be a good bounce back guy, looks to be healthy. Some positive early reports out of ST.
  5. Big Red! He also competing with Jimmy Nelson, Stripling, Gonsolin. Both Nelson and May dealing with some minor injuries. Big Red likely to start off in the minors but yeah tons of potential.
  6. Some might say he put it on himself.
  7. I found some BP video for those scouting. He is cranking away and can really unload.
  8. Pitchers have caught up to him but he has no problem with the five knuckle shuffle.
  9. He had a couple good at-bats last year. He can really knock one out.
  10. Interesting to see Tyler Stephenson creep back onto a top 100 list. After dealing with some injuries early on he seems to have turned it around last year and is being productive.
  11. Some hopeful news: Oh sorry already posted. Thanks St. Steven. Senior vice president of baseball operations Erik Neander said "we want Wander to be in our plans this year" during the team's Fan Fest last weekend, Mari Faiello of the Tampa Bay Times reports.
  12. So CBS just added a second Julio Rodriguez RF Sea to their player pool additions added on (2-10). Seems to be same player and even has his #85. So I guess he is so good they added him twice.
  13. Yeah I was surprised to see that they updated the 2019 list.