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  1. I know as a country we need businesses to reopen and have our economy back and running again... but this won't help solve this issue, I'm with you there. Health should be our priority.
  2. Am I overreacting by thinking we won't have a football season this year? Just hard to imagine anything happening without a vaccine. Any thoughts?
  3. This kid is dripping in talent. Will be a good bargain come draft day. Sadly the injury concerns will always be there. Only negative I see with him.
  4. I am a Chiefs fan and boy do I hope this is true...
  5. I had arguably the most underachieving team. Lost in 1st round of playoffs this past weekend with Kamara, D. Adams, Julio and Lockett on my roster in my 12-team keeper league. Fantasy football is an unpredictable game and we are all just guessing on who will perform and lead us to glory. Just go with your gut and hope that it is right.
  6. I don’t understand this thought process at all. Have seen it all over this thread past few days. If Cook is in, why roll the dice with Mattison if another player on your bench provides a much safer floor?
  7. This is tough actually since the Eagles play Monday so you won't know if he is active more than likely until Monday. Just roll with OBJ.
  8. If Howard is out I would roll with Sanders. If Howard is in, roll with OBJ.
  9. QB: Wentz vs. NYG or J. Allen vs. BAL RB: Guice at GB or D. Thompson at NE (If Damien isn't active). *Note: I also have Mattison who I will obviously play if Cook is out. WHIR. Thanks!
  10. He is absolutely a dark horse MVP candidate if he can knock off the Cowboys, Lamar and the Steelers in prime time the following week. That’s a helluva three weeks right there.
  11. All Russ had to do was throw it to Lockett a second earlier and that is a TD. Wow