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  1. I would go WR with the 3rd to get a 120+ target guy. Which WRs are around when you mock / not being kept?
  2. 1. D. Johnson 2. Freeman 3. McKinnon is what I would end up doing if possible. Assuming you can flex a 3rd RB. Theres WR in rounds 4+ that will be better than the RBs you get late round like Demaryius Thomas, Golden Tate, Julian Edelmen, Marvin Jones, Pierre Garcon etc
  3. Since its a keeper league have to take into account Bell probably not being on the Steelers next year and is older than Zeke. Also you'll be dropping one of your current keepers to fit in the extra player. Dropping down in the first and losing your 2nd can be a big difference depending on what players are not kept. I would stay put with what you have.
  4. I wouldn't consider Cooper. Henry has Dion Lewis to compete with, who was used quite a bit more than I thought on early downs. Watson averaged 10 points per game over the next highest QB over that stretch but small sample size / was injured. I would take the chance on Watson personally, has elite QB potential, is young, and the Texans locked Hopkins up.
  5. You know exactly what you're getting with Brown and he doesn't have an injury history
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