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  1. He went back in. Split out wide to the left on the Ekeler td reception.
  2. The argument for Cook is simply that he was being drafted as a mid-back end te starter with the expectation that he would be playing with Brees. He only got in one game before Brees broke so we really don’t have much to go on to say that he won’t still be that. And he’s free or was free in most leagues.
  3. Haha yeah they’re in there wondering why the mean mean Chargers coaches continue to use inefficient Melvin more when Ekeler has a better ypc (in a vastly different role with a vastly different OL against vastly different opponents). Melvin looked awesome last night. They seemed pretty effective getting him some space with pitches to the right. Get a couple linemen in space and let him play off those blocks. Curious why they didn’t use him on any designed screens to slow down the rush and give that line a bit of a break in pass pro.
  4. I think he’s a great start this week. As noted above, Payton/Brees system supports 2 backs. When Brees was out they leaned on Alvin out of necessity but now with the full squad I expect they’ll get back to the 2 back system. Saints 13 point favorites in a game with an O/U of 51 supports a very favorable expected game script.
  5. This. They’ve made it clear Case would start if healthy. Unless Haskins has a great game this week I don’t see why that would change. And we all know a great game this week is extremely unlikely. And if he does have a great game in Buff we’ll be feeling a lot better about him at the helm.
  6. Well to be completely fair if the 40 yard reception stood then the 45 yard td doesn’t happen because they were the same drive. But yeah he was several feet in the clear when Rudolph overthrew him on the missed longer td you referenced. And that’s what he does- gets open and often times wide open. He also would have had another 10-15 yard catch but slipped working his way back to the ball after shaking free. He’s a player.
  7. Limited practice though for Case so he’s cleared for some activity. Would seem on schedule to clear protocol in which case he’s starting.
  8. Darnold can see f*cking ghosts out there but he can’t see Bell for a few check downs?
  9. Rolling Tanny and Rudolph over him. Dammit was loving this matchup too.
  10. Tanny was zipping it into Davis through some tight windows with Hayward on him last week. He’s gonna lock on to him this week and have even more space to work with. 7/107/1
  11. I think so. I mean I wasn’t trying to paint a picture that avg. ppg is the end all be all for determining future value. Just that he’s been a wr1 when on the field with Keenum and it’s nuts in my mind to think about dropping that level of production when he’s likely got several more games with Keenum in his future.
  12. Yup. And someone else liked it so the thought had at least one other supporter. I think there’s some posts saying it’s hard to hold him with Buf and a bye on tap. Crazy to me.
  13. Seriously? I wouldn’t ever say it’s the only thing to focus on but it certainly isn’t a terrible piece of the puzzle. And in this case your example of a 30 point game skewing a sample size isn’t applicable. He’s been between 17.2 and 27 for Case’s 4 starts. Also most of the other things you referenced are also capable of being skewed by a small sample size.
  14. Crazy there’s talk of dropping this kid. In 4.5 games with Keenum he’s averaging 21.5 points ppr. Those are stud level numbers. The Redskins idiot front office seems to finally be on the same page with the staff that Haskins isn’t ready to take over for Keenum so really it’s only Keenum’s health potentially stopping Terry. And that’s a legit concern as he’s getting pummeled behind that trash OL. But still can’t imagine dropping someone putting up numbers like that.