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  1. Foot or ankle. I think high ankle sprain was speculated. Left the Chargers game late, missed a week, totaled 6 for 52 the last 2 games which was easily his worst 2 game stretch of the year. Was on pace for 82/1180/10 through 13 games.
  2. At least he’s uniting the people against one common enemy.
  3. Like I said you can debate on which jobs should have been deemed essential all you want. People need food to survive now and once this is all over. You can’t tank that industry if your goal is less harm than good. Thus food distribution industry stayed open and restaurants were considered an extensions of that. The part of the restaurant business that involves large groups in small places was closed. A lot of the restaurants where I live have started selling produce wholesale. I own a small business that is closed. And it sucks but I get that a line had to be drawn somewhere. Fortunately my work translates virtually but I absolutely get the economic discussions. Being able to quit your job and thus not be eligible for unemployment is no different for essential workers now than when there wasn’t a pandemic.
  4. Post more please. There’s some antibody talk a few pages back before LostAtSea and this other fella hit the hydroxy hard and nuked a couple pages. A few links to some studies from GoHawks and myself.
  5. So just to recap your last couple posts, the preeminent global health authority intentionally released or knew of the release of a deadly virus to cause a global pandemic and economic recession but it’s also all good and totally nothing to worry about.
  6. Got it. In your estimation which is a better source of information on this, the movie you posted or Plandemic?
  7. Saying this from the perspective of someone who thinks we should slowly open the economy back up, although I’m sure that will be lost at some point and I’ll be accused of being a weak scared millennial snowflake: I think on the macro level it comes down to does your job help save lives? You can argue on a micro scale the merit of certain jobs but that’s my general understanding. Tattoo parlor or hospital? Anyone who works puts their lives at some sort of a risk and increases the spread of the virus but there’s a decision to be made about whether the lives they save are greater than those risks. At that point it’s not about the lives and families of the workers themselves but about the lives of others. And I don’t believe anyone is being forced to work. Maybe some health care workers are bound by their credentialing to not be able to quit during a crisis? I don’t know. Some similar calculus comes in to mask wearing. Wearing a mask as a healthy young person doesn’t do a whole lot to your own chance of death from the virus minimally as the virus poses only a tiny risk to yourself but everyone wearing it greatly reduces to risk to the ones it might affect. Other lives saved is the calculation.
  8. I don’t have the time to watch an entire 22 minute video. I scrolled through and saw a ton of clips about how until we get a vaccine/herd immunity we’re going to have to adjust to a new normal. What’s your point? And what’s your point about the WHO supposedly predicting (🙄) a pandemic?
  9. Ah yes instead we should believe insane unbacked assertions from random message board poster *checks notes* LostAtSeas and this guy right here. 2020 everyone!
  10. Ben had some really positive things to say about him in the preseason last year. The WR coach at the time did as well. He also said something along the lines of DJ will be a star but he needs a year to add some strength then watch out. And I know preseason hype, everyone loves everyone etc but it seemed extra buzzy for him. I’d expect him to have put on a few pounds in the offseason (183 at the combine) to get in the 190-195 range. His ability to separate was always apparent and he’s a playmaker with the ball in his hands. Scrolling through the game log it looks like after a weird 44% snap game against the Dolphins week 8, he averaged 75%+ (excluding the bloodbath Cleveland game when he got hurt). He should be in the 80% range this year. Maybe Claypool and JuJu cap that some on certain running sets since they’re a lot bigger but he should be in line for a nice uptick in targets as well as quality of targets.
  11. What if...everyone else is right? And you’re wrong...
  12. Attitude represented in this post hurts the economy. Continues to reveal your true colors.
  13. Uh sure. Good win bro. Now do those things.
  14. If you want the economy to open smoothly, wear a mask when appropriate, distance, hygiene, and don’t say Covid-19 is comparable to the flu. Encourage others to act the same. This will help small businesses immensely. If you’d rather scream about propaganda and government tyranny and that this was a hoax you are hurting the small businesses you say you want to open for.
  15. Haha. I’ve seen that. It’s not how it’s happening with this dude. He’s actively referring to millions of old people as bags of bones with paper thin skin who don’t deserve to live however long they might have left. And he added something along the lines of this virus only affects old, obese, diseased, or low poverty demographics since evidently he doesn’t fit those categories. Who cares about them anyways! Lacking a conscience towards others can be sociopathic behavior.