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  1. Hes the reason the Brewers are "shopping" Hader......
  2. Ask Puig how that worked out. Miller Park is pretty much the same hitters park as Cincy's launching pad. Moose is an ok player, nothing special IMO. I just dont get excited for 28 Hr's when it comes with a .250 AVG and .320 OBP and no speed. 28 Home Runs? Thats nothing with the new baseball. In a dynasty league, Give me the two younger guys with some good upside over an aging vet who really brings nothing to the table other than 28 home runs. And if he doesnt have to add anyone to the trade even better yet. But adding a T. Walker, M. Vientos, S. Long is fine by me to get Civale. SP can be difficult to acquire in dynasty, 28 home runs is not
  3. [...] I fully expect some regression to the Avg. .270-.280 feels right. However the 30/30 is definitely in play. In points leagues, like the one I play in where the trade was made, that skill set plays way up. Im really looking forward to seeing what he can do over a full season. Lets just hope he can stay healthy 🙏
  4. A lot of people think it was a fluke, but Im buying. DJ LeMahieu - 1B/2B/3B - NYY 5 D.J. LeMahieu, New York Yankees He’ll bat leadoff for the Yankees, a team that led the Majors in runs (943) and finished one homer behind the Twins (307 to 306) for the MLB lead last year. Another year of growth for Gleyber Torres and more health for guys like Giancarlo Stanton, Gary Sanchez, and Luke Voit only improve the outlook. He scored 109 runs last year, and the same number or more wouldn’t surprise me in 2020. He has a brilliant floor due to his low strikeout rate (13.7%) and 85.5% contact rate (14th-best in the MLB last year). Put differently, only eight qualified hitters had a lower swinging strike rate than LeMahieu’s 6.6% mark in 2019. And if you’re worried about the home runs evaporating, you need not be. Maybe he won’t hit 26 again, but 20 seems fair. LeMahieu’s 33.7% opposite field percentage ranked 3rd highest in the MLB in 2019, and that’s good news with that short right field porch. It also helps that his Statcast page is alllllllllllllll red (I watched Rounders last weekend, sue me). Last year, LeMahieu was 90th percentile or better in exit velocity, hard hit rate, outs above average, xwOBA, and xBA. The only two marks below that threshold were xSLG (88th) and sprint speed (47th). Put another way, LeMahieu’s 243 hard hit balls (95+ mph) ranked 2nd in the MLB behind only Rafael Devers (252). In short, you won’t get more than a handful of steals, but you’ll get everything else. He’s a floor play, and I like those plays quite a bit.
  5. I disagree. I would easily trade Moose for those 2. You need SP help and Civale is a great sleeper to gamble on. Biggio may be a tad overrated, however he is no slouch either. Moose is a power only guy. If anyone is overrated, it Moustakas himself. All he brings to the table is 30 hr power. But who doesnt hit 30 in this new Era of baseball? To go along with that 30 home run power, you get a .250ish AVG, .320ish OBP, 31 years old, and almost no speed. I would definitely add a Shed Long or Vientos to him to get two younger players whose arrows are pointing up. Sell Moose now, before its too late.
  6. Turner still a lock for me. He should be given a 4 year contract. I still go with Vlad Jr. He was the first ever to get the 80 grade on hit tool, and remember the insane hype going into 2019 season? Way too early to give up on that, especially if you get to keep him this year and possibly 3-4 more. Its a 25th round pick for a guy who would probably still be picked in the top 50 or so in redraft due to immense upside. Baez is not as good as his 2018 season. He just K's too much and doesnt have the discipline IMO. Hes a good player, but Vlad Jr still has the chance to be ELITE. Take the plunge and gamble
  7. I would seriously consider not keeping Verlander or JDM due to their high salaries. You could put one of them back and then keep Hoskins, Bumgarner, Senzel to round out your team. Otherwise if you are not looking to do that, you are stuck with either Kela + German or Senzel + India. Those 2 combinations would be my choice if you didnt want to put back Verlander or JDM. But personally, I would rather have Bumgarner, Hoskins, and Senzel than Verlander, Senzel, and India. But I could see you wanting to keep Mr Kate Upton. But I personally think he has to become human sooner rather than later with all the mileage on that arm
  8. Acuna for sure. Gotta keep a top 3 overall player in the game. Then it comes down to value for me. No way I keep Baez in 15th over Turner, Soto, Vlad, or even Alonso who have much later round designations. So for me personally, I would keep: 1. Turner - Insane value 2. Soto - See above 3. Vlad Jr - Only because it is keep forever. If the rules do change and you cant keep him forever, I would go with Alvarez.
  9. The first 5 are easy no brainers for me in a points based league. SP are premium point scorers, as are the well rounded bats. 1. Acuna 2. Lindor 3. Devers 4. Flaherty 5. Nola The last one gets tricky. I lean towards another SP in Sale or Paddack, however Sale is an injury risk and Paddack is an innings limit risk. Hiura is a legit 20/20 guy with solid Avg, so he would be the bat I would pick if you wanted to go that route. So depending on your own personal feel for the league and what you think might be put back by others, I would keep Hiura as an extra bat, or Sale if you wanted a huge upside play at SP, or Paddack for the safe floor, good upside, but may not get a full season SP.
  10. I do. Tucker has the highest upside of them all, so he would be my first choice. Should get a lot of AB's in 2020. Legit 25/20 guy if not more, while not killing your Avg. The other 3 for me are ranked as follows: 1. Luis Urias - Well rounded player who will most likely be eligible in multiple spots. Best hit tool of the guys after him on this list, with some power and speed. Should help in all categories in Roto 2. Trent Grisham - Another well rounded player, but without the upside of Tucker or Urias. Plus Padres OF is still crowded, but I doubt they traded for him to sit 3. Austin Riley - Not a fan of the hit tool. Good Power, but in this day and age, who doesnt?
  11. So why post this and ask everyone's opinion? Seems strange to do so without having at least some traction on a deal. Just curious
  12. Boy thats tough for me. Ketel is one of the young and rising stars in the game. Santana is getting up there in age, and skills could fall off sooner than later. Amir is a dart throw. It comes down to Kieboom reaching his potential. If it was me, Id pass. Keep the young stud hitter, rather than gamble on Kieboom, an aging 1B, and a dart throw
  13. I would do that for sure in a 30 team dynasty. Im in a 16 team dynasty, and SP is hard enough to find. With 30 teams I cant imagine the struggle. Thor is still young enough and talented enough, so give up the closer and Arreaz to get him. I just feel the closer spot will be easier to replace than a top 40 SP
  14. Im not so sure you should be locked in Judge. I just dont think he will ever stay healthy enough aka Stanton. Personally I would keep Story, JRam, Meadows. All 3 of those guys will help in ALL 7 categories, and with SB's tougher to find and HR's easier to find, I would be keeping them. The 4th spot is up for debate. I would probably keep Buehler, to give yourself one bonafide Ace, but I could also see keeping Judge over him and hoping he gets 500+ AB's (something he hasn't done since 2017) or Yordan Alvarez, if you think he is the real deal and wont have the sophomore slump. I dont see any of the other guys in contention for the 4th spot over Buehler, Judge, Alvarez
  15. I would also make the deal. Lindor is a much greater asset than Baez IMO. Luchessi is nothing special, and more of a back end arm for fantasy purposes. Osuna is a great RP, but you are getting Bradley/Ginkel combo back so that could pay off. Ginkel has closer type stuff if Bradley fails. Jimenez could also net a few saves on a bad team. So all in all, you are getting the best player in the deal (by far IMO), so make the move before the other owner changes his mind