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  1. Too general of a question and too difficult to navigate. Thats why there is no responses. I opened the docs then closed right away after seeing all the clutter. Try and narrow the topic field down a little, and you may get more help. To make a long story short, and answer your question "should I rebuild"? If you have to ask, then yes, you should rebuild
  2. Let me start off by saying your posts are pretty cluttered, so difficult to see what's really going on and being asked. People like them short and sweet (or put your team sig after everything is asked). So with that said and after a few minutes of my eyes settling down, I like either trade for you. To dump Yaz is a great move IMO. He has overachieved and is not getting any younger. He will bust out similar to how Scooter busted out. Older player, quick bye-bye. I like Plesac >> Bundy, so thats the one I would probably lean. But I also really like Kyle Tucker, so could see that one as well. Depends on which way you want to go. Get the best hitter of all names mentioned (Kyle Tucker)? Or the best SP of all names mentioned (Plesac). Im sure there will be some arguments from the peanut gallery about Bundy vs Plesac. But for me, Im more of a believer in Plesac
  3. Its so crazy how so many people side with the age over win now factor. To keep Bart and Murphy is nuts to me. Keep Grandal for sure, then I would probably go with Bart as the 2nd. Higher upside between him and Murphy IMO. So you have one solid veteran to allow you to chase the upside of Bart
  4. 1. Woodruff 2. Darvish 3. Kuhl 4. Matz 5. Hamels 6. Fedde 7. Pivetta 8. Luccessi 9. Velasquez 10. Gsellman #'s 5-10 are pretty much interchangable, so best of luck with that next year. Personally I would try to trade Darvish for a 2-1, where you get 2 lesser (but younger SP) back.
  5. Pretty easy for me. Although I could see keeping Severino over Robles if you wanted an extra SP. But Im still a believer in Victor, so I would hold onto him despite a down year.
  6. Pick 15 keepers and 5 PROSPECTS they count separate You can pick more than 5 Prospects but cannot pick more than 15 major leaguers who are not rookies 1B Freddie Freeman 2B Ozzie Albies 3B Manny Machado (SS 3B) SS Trea Turner LF Juan Soto CF Victor Robles RF Giancarlo Stanton UTIL Jose Abreu UTIL Francisco Lindor Bench Adley Rutschman PROSPECT Gleybar Torres (2B SS) Anthony Rendon Dylan Carlson (LF CF RF) PROSPECT Julio Rodriguez PROSPECT Shohei Ohtani (DH SP) SP Gerrit Cole SP Chris Paddack SP Sixto Sanchez PROSPECT SP Ian Anderson PROSPECT DL Chris Sale
  7. First off, let me know if you have an open spot in your dynasty league, because if Manaea is on the WW, I want in. With that said: A: Tough call really. I personally like Edman a tad more, due to a little more experience and a little more proven. Plus seems path to AB's clearer for Edman. But if you wanted to chase the little higher upside, I would understand B: For Manaea to be on the WW in a 16 team dynasty league is crazy to me. He is easily the choice for me. I would also rather have Canning, Dunn, and maybe even Eflin over Mahle for your team. So to answer your 2nd question, its 1. Manaea. 2. Manaea. 3. Manaea
  8. Seriously? Need to go Montas for the upside alone. Cant give up on a guy who was a top 50 SP going into this season, for a guy who wasnt even considered for the top 100. Just my opinion. Live and die with Montas
  9. Does not warrant being vetoed at all. Verlander is hurt and not getting any younger. Who really knows if/when he pitches again? Will he still even be close to elite? There is a ton of mileage on that arm. I would like to see those that want to veto it offer a better package in dynasty then. Alcantara is interesting, and Hayes will be a starting 3B. Could Verlander owner get more? Probably. However how that trade sits right now, not worth vetoing.
  10. Luis Urias for Redraft league. He is playing pretty much everyday. Rockies always botch their young players AB's.
  11. Waters. SP prospects are so volatile. Plus you are getting 2 picks in deal 1. I like that side quite a bit.
  12. No way. Keep Soler. Moose isnt that great to begin with IMO.
  13. I like the move. Especially in a redraft where you need to win now. Trade the offense to get the arm you need. Like someone posted above, I doubt you will be able to get a better arm for Xander
  14. I agree with this. Need to remember you are helping out a competitor big time here