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  1. It cost me Syndergaard and Luis Castillo to get Acuna in my dynasty league mid last year. I was laughed at by some. Who is laughing now? I would make that trade, as I feel Acuna is >> than JoRam and the prospects are no sure thing at all. The other owner trading Acuna would be lucky if any ONE of those guys is 80% of what Acuna is to fantasy.
  2. I think Hand comes with some increased risk with how 2019 ended, however as long as he is healthy, he should be a top 10-15 closer on a decent team. Hoskins really only had that great start to his career, and has underperformed in the past 2 years. I think he is what he is right now, a .250ish hitter with 30 hrs and quite a few k's. Nice player, especially in OBP leagues. I do like Boyd quite a bit, as he should get a lot of K's, even though Wins will be tough on that team. Kennedy will not be the closer come June/July, I wouldn't care about him. So I guess it comes down to team needs. If Hoskins is expendable, then I think getting Hand and Boyd is a really good return.
  3. I agree with this. If you can get Machado back for 40-50 anyway, why keep him? No value there. Free up the extra money to spend in the draft and make a run at him there. Maybe you can get him cheaper. I personally dont think he's all that great anyway. More name and contract than anything at this point. Medirocre Avg, 30 Hr's, and a handful of steals is ok, but not worth 15-20% of your budget
  4. In dynasty, I think its close. I would try for a slightly better pitcher than Odorizzi to package with Whitley. One with a little more upside. Or maybe something else on the back end. I like Whitley, but last year was a wake up call that these guys are not cant miss. Max is still a difference maker with a couple more elite years left. I like the idea of selling before he completely loses all his "ace" value, and getting younger, but I think the return needs to be more.
  5. Castillo for me and not even close. A top player at his position, the others are nice, but not the difference maker Castillo is for me. Especially with only 8 teams
  6. Um, is this serious? I would not hesitate to trade Pearson for Castillo. Luis is already a top 25 SP with a chance to get even higher. Pearson will be lucky to stay healthy enough to pitch 200 innings so his talent can get him into top 25 ever. Let me know when a spot in your league opens up if someone is willing to trade Luis Castillo for Nate Pearson, I would love to take those guys money. Grab Castillo before that owner wakes up from the Coronavirus sickness on his brain
  7. Its a DYNASTY league, not a redraft. Makes a big difference IMO. Much more difficult to get quality SP in dynasty than a "pro league" redraft league
  8. I would easily trade Puig for James, especially if you need pitching help. There is a reason Puig remains unsigned, and not sure he gets full time AB's even after he does. Ill take the chance on the good upside James, than the volatile Puig
  9. About as fair that a trade can get. Story > Baez, and JDM > Meadows. If I had to pick, I guess I like the Story side a little more, due to the strikeouts and not so good OBP from Baez. Plus side A is getting more SB's out of it, so side A slightly wins
  10. Unfortunately you have a pitching heavy Keeper crop, so I would keep these guys based on my values. Then load up on hitters in the draft and try and trade.
  11. I agree 100% here. Heaney highest upside IMO. Odorizzi solid arm with good k-rate and on a good team for wins. Musgrove would be #3 for me. But bad team limits his upside in the wins department if those are in play
  12. And the guys that just say "McMahon" or "Lowe" are much more insightful, but you come at me? Anyway, I gave my opinion in your thread where you asked for opinions/help. Im sorry I didnt write a book about why I should make your decisions for you. I wont bother you anymore
  13. Not only Coors, but playing time. There are many more reasons to take McMahon also, one of which is hard hit rate. Look it up. McMahon for me, and not close Rockies' Ryan McMahon: To be everyday player February 28, 2020 9:37 AM ET Manager Bud Black expects McMahon to play over 150 games for the Rockies this season, Thomas Harding of reports. "He's walking around with a sense of knowing that he belongs, that he's a big leaguer and going to be a productive big leaguer, and I love that confidence," said Black. McMahon figures to get the bulk of his starts at second base, but he can also handle third base and first base when needed. He said that he lost 16 pounds during the 2019 season, as the 162-game schedule took its toll. With that in mind, he began his workouts earlier this winter in an effort to be better prepared for the sixth-month grind. McMahon had elite exit velocity/hard hit data according to Statcast and has a significant room for improvement over the .250/.329/.450 slash line he posted in his first full big-league season.
  14. Yup. Shouldn't be commissioner if you cant figure it out for yourself and make your own decisions. Isnt that what a Commissioner is for? Just saying.
  15. Ill take Jeff McNeil all day every day. Better hit tool and better team. Plus eligible at more positions.