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  1. Eduardo Rodriguez pitched well Monday, hopefully it continues Saturday. 10 wins is certainly impressive.
  2. He's very streaky. 2/3 with a HR last night. This is what you get when you sign up for him. .230 with a trickle of steals and HR's.
  3. He's been mediocre for over a month now. He gets in maybe 2 games a week. Like a lot of posters on here, I find it baffling that they play him so little. I'm weighing dropping him because he barely pitches. He went from being a super reliever to pedestrian. I wasted a waiver claim on this guy 3 weeks ago, and he's given my team next to nothing in terms of tangible value. So frustrating.
  4. He now has a 9 game hitting streak, and has scored 10 Runs in the past 7 games. Meanwhile... PLAYER NEWS View More News Jurickson Profar hits a homer in win over the Tigers Jurickson Profar went 1-for-5 with a homer in a win over the Tigers on Sunday. Fantasy Impact Profar now has nine home runs on the season and is hitting .247 with a .326 on-base percentage. Profar does not play every day which makes him only worth owning in deep AL-only fantasy formats.
  5. Hopefully he doesn't show rust tonight. He was hitting his stride before hitting the DL.
  6. Not if you have both of them on your roster
  7. He's had a great month, 25 RBI's, .300+ BA. More HR's would be nice, but I'll take the RBI's and strong BA from my utility slot.
  8. He's been a total revelation. There are late bloomers out there, and he is one of them. He is only 25, but he's been around for a while. He is finally starting to show the talent that scouts believed he had all along. I'm pleased with how he's played. He gives you a bit of everything. SB's, HR's, and a decent enough BA (.250). I'm not sure about .300, but that 2nd sentence is on the money.
  9. The SB's have been there, hopefully the power comes next. He's had back to back years of 30+ homers and 14+ SB's, I'm banking on him having a big 2nd half.
  10. Out of the lineup today Was hoping he would play, but oh well. Maybe it's a rest day?
  11. With his hot bat, you never know. Hinch will find ways to keep him in the lineup. HR's would be nice, but he's been productive elsewhere in the stat sheet.
  12. He's looked great so far in his return from the DL, just like his season in general. Why is this thread so quiet?
  13. He got the W in his last outing, but had 3 ER's apparently. Anyone see the game who could tell me how he looked? I'm debating on keeping him once Archer gets off the DL.
  14. I just picked him up in my 12 team league. The Tom Murphy hype peaked around the start of the 2016 season. He was coming off a minor league season that saw him hit 26 doubles and 20 home runs in 105 minor league games. We all thought he was ready, but the Rockies preferred the tandem of Todd Hundley and Tony Wolters. From 2016-17 Murphy battled injuries and struggled mightily whenever he was called to the big leagues, hitting .191 in 75 plate appearances. But the Rockies look like they're ready to give the now 27-year-old Murphy an extended look, and Fantasy owners need to take notice. Murphy has started five of six games since being recalled and while he has a .300 average over that tiny sample size the most important thing is the number of starts. No matter who it is, if a catcher is going to play five games a week and has Coors Field as his home park, that catcher has Fantasy appeal. When it's someone like Murphy, who had 16 home runs in 49 games at Triple-A this year, that catcher needs to be owned in far more leagues than he currently is. I'm looking to add him any league that is NL-Only, 16 teams or deeper, or requires two catchers. There's absolutely top-12 upside here.