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  1. Hi, my apologies if this is answered elsewhere or I'm in the wrong thread - I saw the waiver wire thread stickied -but I have a Yahoo question: The Bauer trade was the day before all the other deadline deals, but Yahoo shows waivers clear 8/3 on all of them. Will they go through at the same time? Example: say I want Greene and Franmil in that order and am #1 on waiver wire. I thought I'd have to not put a claim for Franmil because I'd have to wait an extra day for greene to become available. If I put a claim for greene #1 and then Franmil #2, would they execute right after each other? I'm aware I wouldnt get both, just an example. Thanks for any help!
  2. I have Morton, Montas, Treinan and Castillo on my team. Worst rollercoaster ever.
  3. I hope it's ok if I use this thread. Same question. 11-team roto AL only 5x5. I have Diego Castillo and Brad hand, but one too many OF. I'm torn. Thanks for any replies