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  1. Why didn’t you come here and explain that beforehand? Fantastic after the fact knowledge dude. Read back through this thread. There were TONS of people starting him over Ware, and literally no one that I can recall made a counter argument to that.
  2. Probably cost me my playoffs starting this turd over Ware. What a crap hype thread this was.
  3. I switched Brate out for McDonald 5 minutes before the game. Fantasy Football is the most brutal game ever created.
  4. Brate has been plummeting in FantasyPros rankings this week. Is his matchup with the Saints really as bad as what I’m hearing? Should I start McDonald @ OAK instead?
  5. Brate has been tanking in the FantasyPros ranking in just the last few hours. Are you guys starting someone like McDonald instead? What a bust this has been.
  6. According to the weather app, looks like the rain is actually trailing off around 12-1. Winds around 9-11 mph. I’m in central time zone so I’m not sure if the time it’s showing is central or eastern. If eastern, the rain may be completely gone by gametime according to this. And wind isn’t too bad either way. But I would expect sloppy field will be an issue. Not sure what impact that will have on the passing game.
  7. Looks like the wind is expected to be 10-15 MPH. Should we expect that to have a large enough impact that we should factor it into whether to start him, or should it not matter?
  8. He has DST position eligibility on Yahoo? I thought Samuels at TE was bad enough.
  9. Who remembers Jerome Harrison in 2009 for the Cleveland Browns? Watch Derrick Henry be that guy. Week 15 - 286 yards / 3 TDs Week 16 - 148 yards / 1 TD Week 17 - 127 yards / 1 TD He had 120 yards / 0 TDs in the SEVEN weeks prior to that.
  10. Henry is going to be drafted in the 3rd/4th round again next year just based off of this game.
  11. Inn reality, I expect he’ll be taken near the end of the 2nd round, especially in 12 team leagues. He’s still a workhorse with a lot of talent, and those are hard to come by these days on fantasy football. Someone will take a stab at him in the late 2nd round. But I wouldn’t even remotely consider him until the 3rd round and I don’t expect him to be on the board at that point, so essentially DND for me next year.
  12. If we had drafted this guy in the 16th round, he still would have been a bust due to clogging a roster spot and putting up blanks in a couple games that you started him.
  13. Freaking get Fournette into the passing game. What a joke
  14. Fournette ain’t gonna be back in this game boys. Our seasons are over.
  15. Now all of a sudden deciding between Justin Jackson or Ware and Winston or Goff become absolutely massive decisions for me. It was already hard enough.